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  1. 3/4 venting, 1/4 asking for advice.

    Since November 3rd I've been "in love" with a girl. We clicked since we first met in the sense that we had alot in common, got along well, made one another laugh and feel good, etc. But I've never been totally able to figure out how she feels about me.

    We've had our ups and downs, of course. For a while back in December we didn't talk all that much due to a mistake on my part, but we patched things up. Then came a thing around Valentine's Day, but once again we came out on good terms.

    Recently we got into a small argument over a school project, if you want to even call it an argument. To me it was more like just a disagreement and realizing that we shouldn't work together on everything, heh. Anyways, it was noted in a conversation that I was still "in love" with her and never really lost that. Now, for V. Day I had said something I didn't mean, which was that I didn't have my crush on her anymore. So basically I tried to explain that I didn't mean that.

    This weekend we went out and had a total blast. DDR, House of The Dead 2, lunch at Big Bowl, game shopping, mall shopping, StarCraft...we seem to be on good terms again, and seem to have a better understanding of one another.

    But the thing is, I still don't know how she feels about me. I put "in love" in quotes above because while I'm just about sure that I really am in love, I'm not taking it lightly this time and really trying to determin if I'm truely in love or not with her. I've come to the realization that love has to move two ways, so if it's only I who am in love, then we aren't really "in love" so to speak. This is one of the major things holding me back right now.

    In Novermber I had asked her out, but she said "no" because she wasn't ready (she had just broken up out of another serious relationship, so I can completely understand this from experience myself). But I'm afraid to ask her again. I think we've grown a bit closer myself.

    Anyone have anything to share on this? heh

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    2. Silverwyvern


      AndrewB said:

      "In love" means different things to different people. Stop trying to generalize your feelings and start being more specific.

      Flip a coin.. if you're disappointed by what the coin says, take the other route.

    3. Ichor


      And if it lands on the edge?

    4. rf`


      Ichor said:

      And if it lands on the edge?

      Stop watching Mousehunt?