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  1. Last night I went to the arcade to get some DDR play in for the last 40 minutes it was open. As usual, I went to the one in the Westminster Mall. And as usual, I immediately started stomping away on the Max 2 (7th mix) machine. At five songs for a dollar and a good machine, the mall has become my favorite location.

    Then the arcade operator comes up to me and asks if I had tried the other machine yet. Now, there's two machines in the mall, one is the 7th mix one I always play while the other is a 4th Mix+ machine that has a horribly dark screen. Well he tells me that not quite an hour before I had come in he had put a brand new screen in it. I figure "Great!" since there's a few songs on 4th+ that aren't on 7th that I really like to play. So I go over and discover something new: It's not 4th+ anymore but a brand new DDR Extreme machine (8th Mix, newest version in the arcades).

    After I got done with the late-night-workout, I left and started to wonder why I actually play the game. It's a deceptivly simple game. There's no doubt in my mind that I like music and rhythm, so that's certainly part of it. But there's something more to it that I feel when I play. Some sort of combination of the lights, the sound, and the fact that people stand around me and applaud afterwards. Or maybe it's the fact that it simply came from Japan and I can read some of the screens. I'm just not sure. But it's starting to be more addictive to me than both Doom and StarCraft combined.

    I think it has something to do with both the rhythm side of it and the fact that it's a physical activity I'm actually capable of doing and doing well. I never was good at sports as I never could get my orientation in them straight (still can't catch a ball or throw one far). But DDR (which is an official sport in Norway now) is something I CAN do. So it also makes me feel good that I can.

    No doubt I've gotten better since a year ago (I started in late February early March last year, somewhere around there). I started off on two and three foot songs on Basic. I could kind of do Era on basic, liked to play Dam Dariam, and loved .59 after I could do it. Then a few months later I passed my first maniac song (.59) and my 2nd maniac song (Era). Now I'm sitting here passing So Deep on maniac with Bs (once with an A), working on the Max's on maniac, and warming up on either Nonstop Mode or Matsuri Japan on maniac.

    I'm excited to see the health problems I'll have with my legs and feet later on in life.

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    2. Darkstalker


      Heh I went to the arcade with my friend Derek yesterday night. We were doing ok until some teen girls started shouting stuff at us. We didn't really cared until they started putting their feet on arrows, preventing us to hit them. They had us failed at the 2nd song and ran away before we could get security on their asses. We started another game and they come back doing the same thing. One of the girls took hold of my friend foot to make him fall and the other girl put her foot on my pad again. Derek shoved her head on the corner the the arcade behind us and I took a real big swing at the other girl leg. It made us failed at the 2nd song again but it was worth it. Then we went to the security and threw them out of the arcade.

      I like DDR cause its one of the only thing I do to keep shape and the songs are good too. Heh, my playlist is almost just DDR. And apparently girls here dig this arcade :/ I've had more opportunity to get a date (around 5-6) than my normal life(Current record at 0 heh). 5 songs for a dollar ? The Extreme arcade here is 3 for 75 cents.

    3. Bucket


      I would've just stomped on them. If they want to be bitches about it, they can hurt while they're at it. But who knows-- maybe they were flirting with you and you didn't know it. Then what I...

      Oh wait, I'm basing this on the idea that I'm playing DDRMax, which I would never do.

    4. kainisbanned


      i like to play the initial d game v.2. thats the best and only game that i play. you know the one that takes those cards and you can upload your times to em.