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  1. Last year I played alot of UT2k3 on Instagib servers (my favorite was an Instagib with low gravity server called SNPLZ). They were quite fun, fast, and I played on them somewhat regularly. Then I got into StarCraft and stopped playing UT2k3 for a while. Now that I go back, there's hardly any servers running Instagib. The ones that are have pings over 200 (I prefer not to play with a ping over 150). I'm wondering if they all went to UT2k4.

    Same with Quake3 it seems. There are less Instagib and InstaUnlagged games than there were a year ago. If I could I'd get a dedicated server to run one, but no $$$ and no way of getting a fast enough connection to host it like I'd want it. And while there are a few good ones that keep popping up, I just don't like Quake3's instagib as well as UT2k3's.

    1. Job


      You may as well forget about UT2k3, UT2k4 is leagues above it in coolness. Anyway, I'd bet that most of the servers did go to UT2k4 as it is essentially it's predecessor only better.

    2. Ichor


      Maybe they should come up with something different besides UT2K#.