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  1. I've noticed two odd things lately. The first came when I first passed "So Deep Perfect Sphere Mix" on maniac/heavy with an A about two months ago. When I play DDR, there comes a time where my skill jumps by leaps and bounds for a bit, and then I can't advance for a while. It's like I go to a next level but then have to master it. This seem normal to everyone?

    The next thing I noticed is that as of late (like the past two months), my timing is off by about 1/8th to 1/16th of a second when it comes to beats. It's kind of odd, getting so many "greats" on a song I used to get hardly any on. Like "Holic" on maniac. I used to get only two to three greats on that entire song, max-comboing it a few times, but now it's like 1/4th of the song ends up being greats rather than perfects. I wonder if it's in my head.

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    2. Melfice


      You know, I never have played DDR...I should sometime...

    3. Hobo


      Heh, we don't have a DDR machine here, but I play FFR sometimes.

    4. Darkstalker


      Jumping to new levels happened to me too. When I jumped from standard to heavy (ugh that's seems so long ago) and from 7 footer to 9-10 footer. I got only bar left and it's Legend of MAX/Paranoia survivor MAX. I doubt I'll ever pass them since I haven't played constantly, I've been sitting on my ass from about 6 months and I kinda dropped DDR from Drummania :/

      Heh getting off timing happens to me too sometimes. I normally get pass this by doing a few onis. If I fail that means I'm too tired or I can't concentrate so I just leave.

      Hobo : Stepmania >>>> FFR