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  1. Semi-rant, semi-vent ahead! Use caution!

    About two weeks ago, my friend and I got into an argument. The girl I have been trying to date since I met her last year, I found out, has been dating someone for a while now and never let me know. Given the kinds of things I had been doing for her (buying her lunch, gifts, and things, as well as helping her out whenever I could, and other ways I could think of to show my affection), I felt rather played and used. Whether or not my feeling that way was right or not isn't an issue now. I felt it, and that's that. But rather, I found this interesting.

    Both of us have LiveJournals. When we had our fight, I took her off my LJ's friends list and deleted one of her comments on a then recent post. Part of my intention in doing so was to let her know that I wasn't interested in hanging around her anymore. Also, there's been numerous times where we've fought because she was treating me crappy before, so these memories further pushed me to do this. Another reason I had for removing her and her comments was that I just simply did not want to interact with her anymore on that level. I had felt that it was time for this to occure.

    She noticed and it prompted her to start sending me e-mails. We exchanged some, talked our argument through more (we had done so briefly just before she left the dorms for the summer at school), and she made it clear to me that she was refusing to loose me as a friend. She kept telling me how stubborn she was and that she'd fight it out to the end. She planned on comming down to my house, knocking on my door, and talking there if she really needed to. So she was rather serious about this. Most of this she was even telling me in person before I left school (had to talk to her, she had my DJ Dara CD and a Japanese grammar book of mine). Even so, I had made up my mind, including a bit of my own stubborness in the mix as well.

    So as I was sitting here waiting for Motoko (my 120gb HD...yes I have named it) to finish running defrag and scandisk, I poked around my IE favorites for a while and found her LJ. Seems funny how she swore all that about refusing to loose me and such, yet has now taken me off her LJ friends list as well. She also stopped sending e-mails 10 days ago, and hasn't sent me a single AIM instant message since before school ended. Guess 10 days (might be less, dunno) goes past the part about her claiming to be extremely stubborn. Quite amuzing.

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    2. Ralphis


      You have every right to be angry. Girls do that shit.

    3. Bucket


      Like sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      zarkyb said:

      If you were never really an item or anything then you don't really have any reason to be pissed with her. It's not like you were dating. I don't see the problem here. Sure if it happened to me i'd be a little pissed but I would have no right to be angry at her.

      Well, there's alot more to it. She was actually acting like she was wanting to date me. Like, hugging me alot, we had kissed a few times before, took a nap together once, and such. And then there were times where she also did stuff that I found to be just plain disrespectful, so all of it kind of added up, but I don't feel like getting into those 20 minutes after I wake up.