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  1. Since my iPod decided to up and die (not the batterie, either...the HD), and I don't have money or time to get it fixed before I head off to Japan, I decided to break out my oldschool one. It's an old RCA Lyra (the first ones, the RD2204A), and originally came with a single 64mb Compact Flash card. I've since bought a 2nd 64mb CF card and the 16mb one that I have for my camera.

    But man, even though this thing is at least six years old or so, I swear I can't bust it. I've dropped it countless times, carry it around with me in my pocket and backpack, dropped it in my pool, left it in the heat of the sun, and yet it still works like new. Doesn't look like it now (needs a repainting), but it still works great. And it sounds great, too. I never have had a problem sound-wise with it (I forgot what the maximum mp3 quality it can use is, but I leave them at 128k simply for space), and like the fact I can use CF cards with it. It used to support the RealPlayer G4 format, but now also supports wma files.

    So, looks like I'll be taking it with me to Japan and using it as my primary music source there. I'll probably just archive all my mp3s to either CDs or DVDs (probably DVDs since I have almost 24gigs), then pull them off the CD and onto the Lyra as I need them. The only bad thing is that you can't just place an mp3 onto it. You need to do a slight format conversion (which, as far as I can tell, is just an extension and header change).

    Yes, I love my little Lyra. I have a feeling it won't die for quite a while.

    1. pritch


      I have a 64mb NAPA that won't die either. It uses smart media expansion though.

    2. Sephiroth


      tells you who really has the better product.

      they fixed the whole battery thing with the ipods. still i am not gonna pay that much for a music player. hell there is a lyra player at work for about the same price as an ipod... an you can watch movies on it.
      i dont see what an ipod has over everything else, well a bunch of overpriced accesories and some PDA like functions. i dont care what reviews say, they can be bought. this is from experince in a large retail store that sells them. 8 out of ten returned mp3 players are ipods.

      honestly the minidisk players seem more economical. the disks are cheap, it takes abuse and at under $100 you can hold 650MB worth of MP3 (and other formats like ogg) music.

      though you may still be under warrenty with your ipod. if you bought it at a place that offered a service plan, and you bought the plan, then check back with them

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Yeah, it's under warranty, except for shipping. And it's the shipping I can't afford now that I found out I'm about $800 short for Japan.