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  1. Figured since I hadn't posted anything on it, I would. Here's my first blog from Japan. Pics (linked, all 1024x768, about 150k each) at the bottom.

    Today we had the luncheon and welcome ceremony here. It was quite good, and the luncheon served some American-style food, so it was good to have meat, potatoes, and carrots, hehe. Cathrine, Stephanie, Jennifer, and a girl from Kentucky named Andi sat together and ate. Afterwards Andi, her friend, and I walked back to the dorms. As it turns out, they love anime and videogames. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find people here who like anime and videogames. Outside of them, it's just Brandon, really. Anyways, the other cool thing that Andi is going to stay in the dorms. All my other friends are leaving to goto homestay, so it's good to know at least someone here. She's in the dormatory nextdoor, Seminar House III.

    Anyways, after that I came back to my dorm for just a half an hour to rest. At 2:00, we met up again front of the CIE building, where we paired up 3 to 3 with Japanese students. They were going to be our tour guides for a trip to Kyoto. So it was Brandon paired up with Naomi, a girl named Karen paired up with a guy named Uchi, and I was paired up with a very cuite girl named Hiromi. We took two trains to Kyoto, where they then took us to two seperate temples there (both Buddhist). Man was it beautiful...Anyways, they then took us out to dinner. Hiromi had to go by this time, but Naomi and Uchi stayed. Naomi even paid for part of our dinner! Anyways, we then took some trains home. I think I have the train system down. I'll take pictures of it and explain it soon.

    Tomorrow is like the first day i have nothing to do. So Brandon and I are first going to hit the 99-Yen store so I can get some fingernail clippers and some better tasting tea. Then we're going to go find an arcade since there's supposed to be one fairly close to here...he's moving out of the dorms, but he's going to be VERY close to here, so we'll keep hanging out. Best way I can describe him...he's very mellow, he's a Computer Engineering major so we have stuff in common, likes anime and Japanese stuff, and he's pretty intelectual.

    The entire time we were out, I tried to use Japanese, and succeeded 3/4ths of the time. I'm surprised how well I can communicate already...and love doing so in Japanese, lol.

    Anyways, that's pretty much it for today. Here's pictures, though!

    That was at the opening ceremony this morning.

    Another shot...somewhat blurred.

    That was one of the streets Hiromi and I were walking down to get to Hirikata Eki. "Eki" in Japanese means train station. Train is "densha".

    This was right infront of Hirakata Eki. Kind of a cool street.

    We transfered onto the Super Express line here. I don't know what station it is exactly, but the view is awesome.

    Another shot while waiting for the Super Express line.

    Ok, group picture. From the left you have Hiromi, me looking stupid in a way I didn't know I was, Brandon, Naomi, Karen, and Uchi. I think Naomi liked me...she blew off Brandon and then said that if I see her on campus to call her. That's also the first of the two temples we went to.

    And for the record...I think Naomi really liked me. She blew off Brandon, and said that if I ever saw her on campus to call her out and say hi. And also for the record...her and Hiromi were DAMNED cute and hawt.

    That's what we were standing next to. Before you enter, you have to clense yourself by rinsing your hands and then your mouth out. You don't drink the water, but like rinse and spit into the pit surrounding it where it's taken away.

    First shrine in the temple.

    That one was right next to it. When taking a picture in Japan, it's customary to hold up the peace sign.

    Another shrine.

    That was across from the shrines. I have no idea what it is...

    That was next to the shrines. It's another shrine, but Shinto.

    That's a huge place in the middle of the area. Don't know what it's used for, but I believe ceremonial dancing. Next to it is a prayer area they had us goto and pray at. You toss a coin in, ring the bell, clap twice, then pray. Heh, kinda cool.

    Hiromi took a picture of me infront of man-powered taxis. This was at the base of the 2nd temple area we went to.

    That's Hiromi and I infront of the entrance to the 2nd temple. That red area you see is what you pass through. Inside the green lattice are these huge statues with O_O eyes. I would have taken a picture, but it wouldn't have turned out.

    Cleaner shot of the last one.

    Third shot of the last one minus Hiromi and I.

    That was a cool building that you see after climbing the first set of stairs.

    The building next to it.

    Info on the area.

    Inside of another shrine. Pictures got a bit blurred since I wasn't using my flash.

    Some statue in that area.

    At this area, they had an overhang that you could look over. That's the view there.

    Another shot if the view.

    Third shot.

    Shrine across the way.

    ANOTHER shot of the view.

    Building close-up from off in the distance.

    Closer close-up.

    Hiromi and I on that overhang. Behind us are Naomi and Uchi.

    Picture of...something...

    A VERY cool staircase we went down.

    Now this is cool. A long time ago, a monk had talked with the Gods, who told him to go find a holy water site. He found a spring here with fresh water, so he decided this was the place. Now adays, it's an attraction to come and drink this holy water for good health and spirit. And in truth...best water I've ever had.

    Hiromi and I infront of a pond that had koi and turtles in it. When I saw the turtles, I was like, "Gamera!" and she thought it was hilarious. Beautiful scenary here...

    So yeah, there's my pics. I'll take more soon.

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    2. Jordan


      DJ_Haruko said:

      If you ask me, Japan looks like Japan in anime

      ya.. when they yell does the background go all goofy then their heads get really really big... cause if so, im moving there..

      Danarchy said:

      An American going to Japan and taking a lot of pictures. Oh the irony.

      yah, i know what you mean, my sister saw people taking pictures infront of a mcdonalds for like 20 minutes.. wow.. how exciting

    3. darknation


      DJ_Haruko said:

      Hiromi and I infront of a pond that had koi and turtles in it. When I saw the turtles, I was like, "Gamera!" and she thought it was hilarious. Beautiful scenary here...

      So yeah, there's my pics. I'll take more soon.

      Is it customary for japanese women to hold their sanitary towels in open view?

    4. Sephiroth


      one thing you must tell me about this land is... what does whale bacon taste like? i have grown tired of this "pig" bacon and would like to try the bacon of other animals.

      i hear they sell whale bacon, so if i ever go there and they still sell it i want to try it.