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  1. Here's something interesting. Comming to Japan, I certainly expected to become better at DDR, but expected this more on a pad than on a computer keyboard. Well, somehow the opposite happened. I passed these three songs the other day (links are to stepchart pictures...people really should check these out):

    Slipknot's Duality (I got a B on this one. 145bpm, 10-feet.)
    Marine Snow (C on this one. 296bpm, 11-feet.)
    Pistolero (The Juno Reactor song) (C on this one, too, though I've almost gotten a B. 141bpm, 10-feet.)

    Maybe I should stop playing this game...

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    2. rf`


      I'd be impressed if I could get my penis to dance like that.

    3. Mr. NobodX

      Mr. NobodX

      ravage said:

      I'd be impressed if I could get my penis to dance like that.

      Yeah, get a moaning tape and dance over it...

    4. destx


      DDR and slipknot?
      What the fuck? an unholy union of two of the most retarded things on this planet.

      The Antichrist has arrived, and it is an arcade machine.