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  1. What is "aho"? Well, perhaps some of you have heard of the Japanese term "baka", which means "idiot" roughly. "aho" is the same as "baka", except it's Osaka dialect.

    And yes, my roommate is an "aho", big time. The dude is really getting on my nerves. We generally don't talk at all, as we have almost nothing in common. He's drunk nearly all the time, never in the dorm, and when he is he just sleeps, and it's whenever I have to do stuff. So I'm always needing to be quiet. On top of that, he's keeping the room a mess (I've been trying hard to keep my side rather nice and clean).

    For the last week, I've had a bit of a cough/cold, which I've determined has most likely come from the fact that my roommate keeps the room at 66 degrees fahrenheit (19 degrees celcius), which is cold enough to make me shiver when I have my pajamas on. No matter how many times I turn it up, he'll just turn it back down. He won't let it stay at a higher temperature. So I'm guessing that's how I've caught this cold.

    Last night, he came home around 2:30 more drunk than I had ever seen a person. I was still awake at this time, working on a Doom level for Kill. He couldn't even talk to me when I said, "Oh...hey dude." Well, he came in, changed clothes, and asked if he could turn out the light, so I said "sure". He leaves the room, and I get into bed since I'm pretty tired myself by this point. After we're both laying down, he gets up, twice in 10 minutes, to goto the bathroom. Then he got up again, walked to his desk, and plopped down in the chair, leaning over with his head on his desk. After a bit, he just barely got his laptop open, then laid his head back down on his desk, now spitting once on the floor. He got back up, pulled the curtain back, and then tried to find the door where there was no door, acting like a zombie (literally). Then he plopped back down on his chair, rubbed where he spit with his foot, and rested for a bit. Then he got back up and just plopped back down onto his futon where he finally went to bed. So I went back to bed around 3:15am. The dude was just totally wasted and pathetic.

    Today I went to eat lunch at my friend's homestay house (which consists of one 50 year old Japanese woman who can't speak more than a handful of English words).

    How does this tie in? Well, at his hostmom's house, we were discussing how horrible of a roommmate he's turning out to be. I mentioned how two nights ago, I actually went to bed wearing my hoodie and socks on top of covering up with my heavy futon cover. Anyways, my friend's host mom asked if I had complained to Otosan yet (the proprieter of my dorm), and I said that I haven't yet but that I'm now planning to after last night.

    Well, if they don't do anything about this, or if I'd rather have her just go ahead, she's going to call the school, Kansai Gaidai, and get them to either kick him out of the school, get me a new roommate, or find a new place for me to stay. And given that this lady is literally a multi-millionare (in terms of US dollar), and is best friends with the actual president of the school, I think she can pull it off. So I may just have her call for me.

    And maybe have her hook me up with her extremely hot 30 year old friend whom I met today, too, while she's at it.

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    2. Amaster


      Sake is readily available in America if you live in a place that has good Japanese restaurants.

      I'm personally indifferent to sake for the most part.

    3. Use


      I'm glad I have a nice roommate!

    4. Bucket


      Job said:

      Share your roomie wisdom with me, loremaster.

      There's great effectiveness in barring access to YOUR beer and YOUR weed until whoever pissed all over the toilet gets to scrubbin'. The trick is to OWN stuff, and to give a shit when it gets ruined.