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  1. You know, Japan is a wonderful place. I absolutely love it here. From the people to the atmosphere to the food, it's all quite exciting and wonderful. But at the same time, Kansai Gaidai, the school I'm at, sucks monkey balls and should be avoided.

    The classes here for international students are all geared towards 3rd and 4th year students. Yet, each and every one has been easier than my first year college classes back home. They literally feel more like high school classes. Hell, in my Japanese class are actually given busy work. Sure, it's necissary to take into account that we are in Japan and want to go out and do stuff, but some of this is overkill.

    I have four classes, one of which is Japanese. And that class is the worst of them all. For a school which trains language teachers, it's rather sad to be in this class, and even more sad to have a teacher where they make you want to stop learning something. We've already finished the book we had for class and now are watching movies. And that's it. For the rest of the quarter, we watch movies and have vocabulary quizzes over it. Sounds like a fairly good idea, right? Her idea of a vocabulary quiz is learning 59 words in a two days on top of new grammar rules, without really using the new vocabulary in class much. Ok, I can cram that many words in my head for a quiz. Can I memorize them effectivly to where I can use them in the future in that amount of time? No.

    Her idea of lesson exams is even better. Let's take a sentence in English: "I want to go to the store together." In Japanese, you can say it in these ways:

    -ishou ni su-pa ni itte kudasai.
    -ishou ni su-pa ni itte hoshi desu.
    -ishou ni su-pa ni ikitai desu.

    Each one basically says, "Goto the store with me". The first literally says "Please goto the store together" and greatly implies that you want the other person to do so, the second says "I want to go to the store together", and the last says, "I want to go to the store together". All three say pretty much the same thing, with the last two being the same thing said in two different ways. When structuring a test, you can modify the Engish sentence to specifically target a particular version of that phrase you want. Hell, if anything put "use ~hoshi desu" in parenthesis like most teachers do.

    Does our teacher do this? No. It's a guessing game.

    The next thing I can't understand is why I'm even in this level in the first place. This entire semester has been review for me in terms of grammar. A level three class is using a level two book. That is something which I can't understand. On the placement test, I remember getting all the questions correct for this level of Japanese.

    Hiragana is another thing. It's one of the three (four if you count Romanji) writing systems used in Japan. It and Katakana each contain 40 some odd characters, making each one like an alphabet. We learned this stuff back on day #1 or #2. Well, if we draw a hiragana slightly wrong, we get the entire sentence wrong. Some of us naturally have some not so good handwriting. In english when I write, do I get marked off because I make the horizontal line in a capital A go beyond the two outer lines? No, it's obsurd. But to her, us doing a mistake comparable to that in hiragana, where the hiragana we're trying to write still looks like it should and not like something else, is bad. We're marked off an entire sentence for it, sometimes as much as 5 points.

    That's all I feel like ranting about right now. Think I'll go eat.

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Well if the writing isn't too much of a problem then I may have a chance, though I have enough struggle writing English characters correctly, I'd be in a swamp of problems trying to write well in anything else. :P I've tried writing some Japanese but I'll be darned if I can keep my hand from shaking, making the lines all richter scaley. Although, I got a lot of time to work on my writing skills(/z).

      I'd most certainly love to trip over to Japan, although I have a long way, like, the length it would take to throw a peanut shell to the moon length way, before I will be able to understand any writing, speaking or reading. :D

      Though my school has a large ammount of exchange students, many from Japan, I could convince them with a little method I like to call bribery, to help me. :D But that's just silly. :D

    3. Danarchy


      Pfft, Japan.

      Land of the rising dumb.

    4. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      I'd love to visit Japan. In fact it's probably at the top of my countries-with-the-most-desire-to-visit list.

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