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  1. I seem to have angered the motheboard gods...

    I decided to go and do a BIOS upgrade on my Intel D875PBZ motherboard today. I got onto Intel's site, downloaded a self-extracting utility, and proceded according to the directions.

    Seemed pretty simple. Run the program, let the comp reboot, let it do its thing, and it's done.

    Well, after it seemed finished, I get this error: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device.

    I rebooted and made sure the BIOS had my HD as one of its boot devices (I usually go CD->Floppy->HD1). To my surprise, the HD wasn't even an option. Neither of my two HDs were.

    Should I try redoing the BIOS from a floppy this time? Or is there something else I can do?

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    2. iori


      Yeah, I just installed my updated bios a week ago, and i had to load the default failsafe configuration in the bios before it would boot.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Cleared the CMOS, but it still won't boot. After thinking of something, and a quick Google search to confirm that this is where the IDE sits, I believe that the Southbridge died on it. USB has been acting up on it as of late (can't find two ports, and will only work at 1.1 speeds...putting it at 2.0 speeds makes it loose even more ports), so I think that this may be just the case.

      This sound like a possibility? 'Cause the BIOS works fine from what it seems like and the CMOS was cleared.

    4. Bucket


      I had the same exact error message when I was doing a BIOS upgrade a few weeks ago. I went to a technical help forum (WHAT A CONCEPT!) and got these suggestions:

      - Remove the battery. Sometimes the clear CMOS jumper does not do the job right.
      - Restore the BIOS to "Fail-Safe Defaults".
      - reinstall the components one at a time. Start with a video card. If the video card isn't seen by the mobo, there should be beeps. (probably has nothing to do with this)
      - give up.


      EDIT: Yes, your BIOS upgrade will still be intact if you remove the CMOS battery.