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  1. I'm doing a bit of an experiment today for shits and giggles. I'm trying out a different X11 window manager/desktop called Rat Poison. I've used it before, but never to any great extent until today.

    Basically, think of a GUI that doesn't need a mouse, is fast as hell, and gives you carpal tunnel. Sure, you can do all of this in Windows and practically any other X11 desktop out there, but Rat Poison caters specifically to a different sort of person and way of use. If I want to run a program, say Thunderbird, I'd type these commands: ctrl+t ! thunderbird

    Doing those keystrokes in that order brings up Thunderbird. Maybe I want an xterm Terminal (like the MS-DOS prompt for you non-Linux users)? ctrl+t ctrl+c

    How about a list of open windows? ctrl+t ctrl+w

    Switch to a different one? ctrl+t ctrl+p (and many other ways, including ctrl+[number])

    Enter in some sort of Rat Poison command myself (including key bindings): ctrl+t :

    So yeah, I'm going to be a rebel and not use my mouse at all today. My IMs today may be a bit slow because I never use sound here at work and I don't have a taskbar in Rat Poison. Or a desktop for that matter. And since I don't have a taskbar, I just ditched using Gaim for the time being and went to the text-only Naim client (http://site.n.ml.org/info/naim/).

    Link to the homepage (awesome screenshots, heh): http://www.nongnu.org/ratpoison/

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    2. spank


      Reading your post quickly I thought Ratpoison would be something like Quicksilver on Mac OS X which would be great to have on Linux. Seems interesting nonetheless.

      Currently I use Gnome 2.12. I don't like KDE because it's cluttered. The only app that would make me use it is amaroK which is a really great music player.

    3. Bucket


      Meanwhile, I got work done today.

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Bucket said:

      Meanwhile, I got work done today.

      Guess what...me too!