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  1. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] The Unending

    Basic Info Singleplayer only This is for k8vavoom. It should also be playable with GZDoom, though the lighting will be incorrect and incomplete (this is expected). This uses Doom2.wad for the IWAD Mouselook is expected. No jumping or crouching allowed, including rocket jumps. README file Description The Undending is about a guy who just had an unfortunate accident and is now in a sort of repeating personal hell. I originally built this map back in in July/August of 2018 but have never released it. It's mostly unchanged from the 2018 version save for the lighting, which I re-did to take advantage of k8vavoom, and the ZScript code, which I converted back to Decorate. There's actually quite a few things I would have done differently if I would have built this today in 2021, such as making much cleaner geometry and an improved level layout. But, I didn't want to change it too much from how it was back in 2018 - how I build levels today is quite different, and this sorta represents the last of my old ways. So, that's why it's still mostly in the same state. Note: you may encounter some slowdown in this map ("a few things I would have done differently", as I said). If you do, try using lightmaps instead of stencil lighting or shadowmapping. I noticed I had a generally higher FPS with this enabled. There's also a few known visual glitches that, as far as I can tell, aren't actually due to how the map is built, but these should barely be noticeable and don't effect gameplay. Screenshots Downloads Here (9.3 MB, SHA1: 79a04110b064636b792e535f60e18683a8f34bad)
  2. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] The Unending

    Yes, quite a few: https://alexa.partition36.com/games-and-mods/doom/
  3. Yay more k8vavoom content! I'll give this a try tonight.
  4. Remilia Scarlet

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    Sweet! Time to `git pull` and rebuild.
  5. Remilia Scarlet

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    Yeah I completely redid the lighting specifically for k8vavoom. You have no idea how much I love proper stencil shadows and the shadow maps.
  6. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] The Unending

    Silly fellow Linux user :-P You're welcome, and thank you for mentioning it in the thread! I have a much larger project already in the works for k8vavoom. I'll post more shots of it as I get it finished. But first, I have one more map to work on for Endless.
  7. Remilia Scarlet

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    tbh, K8 and Doomsday are the engines I map for anymore :-P So you've at least attracted this one. I'll put together a test map for the SoundSequence things. I don't need it, it was just easier to implement something with those than in another way. No biggie ^_^
  8. Remilia Scarlet

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    Hmm, are the SoundSequence* ACS functions not implemented? Just curious, I can find a workaround ^_^
  9. Remilia Scarlet

    Favorite FPS Arsenals

    Quake 1's weapons always feel so satisfying to use to me. Especially the rocket launcher, which is my favorite rocket launcher in any FPS game. Quake 2's weapons were also pretty satisfying, especially when you gib low-level enemies with the double-barreled shotgun. Aside from that, Space Hulk: Deathwing is really nice in the weapons department, at least IMO (though I'm a 40K fangirl, so I'm likely biased). Mowing down things with an assault cannon or burninating the countryside with the flamer is just 100%. Rise of The Triad's MP4 is probably my favorite machine gun, though. Also... firebomb. And flamewall. And the Hand of God. Actually that whole arsenal is just awesome.
  10. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] Oops! All Greyboxes! Community Project v1.5

    Hey everyone, v1.5 is now out! This should fix the last of any issues. The OP was updated with the new link.
  11. Oops! All Greyboxes! is a fun and quirky community project where we made maps using only prototyping textures. This was meant to help us focus on gameplay and combat encounters using limited resources, while still making maps that looked cool. Mappers of all skill levels were welcome. So basically... "Finished and polished gameplay, prototype look." Quick Facts 11 awesome levels by 10 authors - @Aquila Chrysaetos @dac @FishyClockwork @Gothic @HUNdebLeonidasX @luigiman0640 @Mary Rose @MFG38 @reflex17 and myself. Requires GZDoom 4.2 or newer (tested with 4.4.2 and 4.5), or a very recent version of k8vavoom. The fog in k8vavoom is a bit messed up, but otherwise it works fine. Doom 2 IWAD. Additional mods are not supported. Single player only. The mapset should automatically enforce pistol starts, so don't be surprised when you don't carry weapons between maps. Screenshots: Download: https://alexa.partition36.com/files/doom/oagb-1.5.zip SHA1 sum for zip: 770ee8ecabe43049cecaf659dda507cc4c1c9d96 README file: http://alexa.partition36.com/files/doom/oagb.txt Link to my Discord where development happened: https://discord.gg/uFZ9xzK
  12. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] The Unending

    Aww please don't. Maps of all kinds are what keeps Doom going! Also keep in mind, I've been mapping since like 1994 or so :-P
  13. Remilia Scarlet

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    Ahh, I meant from a aesthetic standpoint. I'm indecisive with textures. Thanks, though ^_^
  14. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] The Unending

    Baaaasically... I disable bloom, enable stencil lighting/shadowmapping, and have texture filtering enabled. That should be all that's needed. I also have my shadow resolution set to 1024 and the filtering for them set to "nearest" since I like sharp Doom 3-style shadows. If you change the lighting type, either restart the map, or use vidrendererreset in the console (I think that's the command... it should say in the help text of the menu item). There's a few options in Advanced Rendering Options that sometimes change the way shadows are cast very slightly, but those should be adjusted for performance. I also have the built-in gore mod set to absurdly high levels, but that's not shown in the screenshots :-P EDIT: Oh yeah, you'll want to enable shadowmaps if you want that neat grate lighting effect and dynamic shadows cast from monsters/things.
  15. Remilia Scarlet

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    Choosing textures, and testing. I waste far too much time doing the former, and find the latter to be very tedious.
  16. Remilia Scarlet

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    Bah, who needs frustum culling. Draw everything, every frame. Twice, even, just to be sure. [/joke] Anyway, is there something sorta like the "stats" command in GZDoom that will show me some rendering debug info? I'm trying to figure out why a level I'm working on is slowing down in a particular area without enabling/disabling things repeatedly in the menus (if it's even a rendering setting).
  17. Remilia Scarlet

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I just realized I hadn't posted these here yet ^_^; 100% vanilla compatible map I'm doing for a friend (screenshots taken with k8vavoom, though <3)
  18. Remilia Scarlet

    What does your desk space look like?

    Let's just say messy and overcrowded ^_^;;; Two monitors (on is a huge 4k one), two studio monitors, an old M-Audio interface, and a hutch above everything.
  19. Remilia Scarlet

    Games of your childhood

    TI-99/4a: Tombstone City A bunch of educational games I actually enjoyed Atari 7800: Robotron (this or the next game was probably my first game ever) Pole Position 2 Pitfall Barn Storming Mouse Trap Food Fight Sega Genesis: Sega Channel Chakan: The Foreverman Herzog Zwei Splatterhouse 3 Ranger-X Zero Tolerance Quackshot Rocket Knight Adventures DOS/Windows 3.1 PC: Rise of The Triad Doom 1 and 2 Wolfenstein 3d Sim City 1 and 2000 Sim Farm Descent 1 and 2 Sega Saturn: Space Hulk: Vengeance of The Blood Angels Christmas Nights After that it kinda moves away from childhood nostalgia into teenage memories that are less nostalgic and more just fun to remember.
  20. Remilia Scarlet

    Not Jabba's Not the Cacowards Review Corner (Nova 3)

    Funny thing... The intention from the start was "here's a very good excuse to just go wild and have fun with a berserk pack." But it became obvious that the intention wouldn't always get across when I saw a playtester's run through they map. They picked up the berserk, saw the imps, then switched away from the berserk even though they had invulnerability. So I made sure that the intention came across after that. Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it ^,_,^
  21. Remilia Scarlet

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    Hey, I noticed that sometimes I can fit through gaps that I shouldn't be able to fit through. Doom 2 map 22 was where I first noticed it, but another place off the top of my head is Plutonia map9 also suffers (you can get just the blue or yellow key and fit through the gap). This is where I noticed it in Doom 2 map22. All I have to do is walk up to a gap in the bars and look left/right a bit while walking forward and I can get through. So yeah, I can totally break a few levels like this :-P I checked in Chocolate Doom, Doom Retro, and Doomsday. They all seem to block the movement, so I'm guessing that's the correct behavior.
  22. Remilia Scarlet

    Print(s:"Hello world!");

    (format t "Welcome!~%")

  23. A little something I've been working on for about a month now... CrDoom is my own source port of Doom to the Crystal programming language.  It's based on Managed Doom, but is using a basic OpenGL renderer that's based on my CL-DoomView program.

    It's obviously far from finished, but the gamesim is partially working, and enough gets drawn that you can at least get around the levels (and die).

    Source code:

    1. Gaia74


      Really impressive, Awesome!

    2. Archanhell
  24. Remilia Scarlet

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    No icons at all; A panel on top with Amiga-style memory info, my tray, and my desktop switcher; A second panel on the bottom that acts kinda like AmiDock on Amiga; And my system monitor on the right edge if my second monitor. No desktop effects. Super+Space brings up an application menu (Xfce's app launcher), a quirk I picked up from using Enlightenment. Alt+F1 brings up a terminal. Alt+F2 opens a run dialog. Alt+F3 opens Emacs. And if you're curious, I use Sawfish as my window manager :-P