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  1. Remilia Scarlet

    opinions on breaking bad

    I think the character introductions work better if you watch Breaking Bad first.
  2. Remilia Scarlet

    opinions on breaking bad

    I really like it for the most part. The last season feels a bit drag-on-y, but otherwise I love it. Better Call Saul is fucking awesome as well. Relevant:
  3. Remilia Scarlet

    post about your favorite dinosaur

    Hmm, it's a three-way tie between stegosaurus, the common raven, and penguins for me.
  4. Remilia Scarlet

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Hey I have that wallpaper
  5. Remilia Scarlet

    Top 10 videos games of all time (your personal list)

    1. Quake 2. Doom 3. Doom 64 4. Touhou Project 5. Robotron 2084 6. Metroid Prime 7. Satisfactory 8. Ranger-X 9. Mass Effect 2 10. Tempest 2000
  6. Eschatology 2 will be delayed just a few days, probably like Sunday or so. I have mental health stuff going on, among other things ^_^;



  7. Remilia Scarlet

    What is the best way to convert MIDI's to files like .mp3 or .wav

    Huh, til backquotes are obsolete. Also, I now batch convert things to WAV with my midi123 synth I wrote. Just `midi123 -s soundfont.sf2 *.[mM][iI][dD]` and it renders everything in parallel without excessive memory usage. I converted the entire ROTT soundtrack in 13 seconds this way on my machine, heh.
  8. Remilia Scarlet

    A new Doom podcast: The WadaCast

    Sweet!! I'm not someone who usually listens to podcasts, but I am definitely going to make an exception for this one.
  9. Remilia Scarlet

    Can We Get A New Game Of A Different Genre, Id Software?

    Id Software dating sim eroge when?
  10. Remilia Scarlet

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    ngl, Pong is still a damn fun game to play with another person. I also still have fun with various 2600 titles, like Jungle Hunt (I actually prefer the 2600 version, even), Centipede, Yar's Revenge, Demon Attack, Mouse Trap, and Beamrider. My first console was a 7800, and I was given a TON of 2600 games for it, so I started my video game adventures with these. Also, Tombstone City on TI-99/4a (my first computer). That game is still a badass. I love old games lol
  11. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] Eschatology 1: Decayed Faith

    Basic Info Singleplayer only, one level Doom 2 IWAD Requires K8Vavoom - this will not work in other engines Additional mods are neither supported nor recommended README file (please be sure to read it ^_^) Eschatology is a new series of single player maps where you play as a space marine named Evelyn who is unjustly stuck in Hell. "Decayed Faith" is only the first map in the series, and takes place in a musty, decaying temple of death and rot. Additional maps will come out as individual releases as they are finished. Each map will draw influence from Lovecraft, Buddhist cosmology, industrial music, and my personal battle with mental health. Gameplay is mostly Doom-like, but with my usual Quake influences thrown in as well. Note: if you've never used K8Vavoom before, it comes with a few built-in modifications. I highly recommend disabling the built-in headshot mod in the options. The other two mods (gore mod and hitscan projectiles) are up to you ^_^ Story Links and Downloads Download: esc01-1.0.zip (16 MB, SHA1: 4c9b6e240fd4ee4dad29f326beddf130d09962cb) Download: Mirror (Catbox) My Website My Ko-Fi More Screenshots Anticipated Questions My Other Releases
  12. Remilia Scarlet

    [Release] Eschatology 1: Decayed Faith

    Change the compatibility settings to Windows 8. That worked on my wife's laptop.
  13. Remilia Scarlet

    How often do you play the original IWADs?

    Quite often, actually. Usually around once every month or two. Generally I play Doom 1 or Doom 64 more often, since those have far fewer levels that I dislike (I tend to sigh and groan once i reach Doom 2 maps 9 and 10). That's just Doom 1 and 2, though. I rarely play Final Doom.
  14. Remilia Scarlet

    Old map editors

    I started with DEU (well, "ADE", which was just DEU for Doom 2) and stuck with it until the first Doom Builder came out. No 3D mode was definitely difficult, but not impossible. You mostly just had to keep a few extra numbers in your head, and exercise your brain to visualize what you're doing. Aside from a small number of maps in E3, and a very small number of fixes to get it ready for release, my megawad Kill was done mostly in a modified build of DEU (and almost entirely in DOS since I started it that long ago). But these days I've gone halfway back, and I now use a slightly customized Eureka most of the time. Eureka is based on the Yadex code, iirc, so it's actually a descendant of DEU. But has a lot of nice touches added to it so that it feels somewhat modern. And its 3d mode definitely helps. So while it doesn't feel too much like DEU, it does some. It's still a "DEU-based Editor" in my mind. So..... I guess I kinda do? I did Freaky Panties V entirely in Eureka on Linux, and it seems to have turned out OK. In fact I've kinda come to prefer some of its tools ^_^;
  15. Remilia Scarlet

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    In yiff we trust
  16. So!  Doom stuff!


    As I sorta mentioned before, I'm splitting Eschatology up into multiple releases. This is being done mostly for mental health reasons, and partially so I can focus more on other hobbies, like programming and music. Here's how it'll work:

    1. Eschatology's story will be told over a series of individual releases, just like with Freaky Panties, but with a bit more emphasis on the story. Freaky Panties' story is kinda just background fluff that's almost non-existent ("Doomguy searching for his favorite pair of panties, which the demons stole"), but Eschatology's will be obvious (and more serious).
    2. Eschatology will have no start map. Each release is an individual pk3 that you load up and play. Just like Freaky Panties.
    3. Eschatology 1 ("esc01") will be out this coming week (!!!). It will include the map "Decayed Faith".
    4. Eschatology 2 ("esc02") will be out sometime between the 20th and 30th. It will have the map "Dismembered Doll Parts".
    5. Eschatology 3 ("esc03") will be out in the late fall or early winter, depending on my programming projects. It will be the map "Colombian Necktie", which is the one with the hellfire.
    6. Eschatology 4 ("esc04") will be out just before December, and will be the remixed/expanded version of Halls of The Goat Child.
    7. Eschatology 5 ("esc05") will be started on next year sometime.
    8. I'll try to slip in a Freaky Panties map or another non-Eschatology map in this year, too.

    Eschatology will still require K8Vavoom to run, so be sure to download it if you want to play Eschatology.  It will not run in GZDoom.

  17. CL-MeltySynth v2.2.0 and midi123 v1.4.0 are both now out.  The notable new features in midi123 are:

    • The parallel MIDI rendering that I mentioned before (which is a bit faster now, even).  You can do something like "midi123 -s soundfont.sf2 *.mid -n" and it'll just spew out WAV files using as many logical CPU cores as you have.  Or you can limit how much it does in paralle with the new --jobs parameter.
    • Rendering to different bit depths (16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit float, 64-bit float... and so on).  Playback is always 32-bit float, however, due to a limitation in the cl-portaudio bindings.
    • Clozure CL compatibility as an alternative to using SBCL.  I don't suggest using Clozure CL to build it, however.  Rendering Duke3D's "Stalker" to a WAV takes a SBCL build about 4 seconds, while a Clozure CL build takes about 37 seconds :-P

    Also, midi123 is now a separate project in its own repo (linked below).  There is a 64-bit Linux AppImage of v1.4.0 available on that link as well if you want a binary.  It should work on pretty much any Linux system.


    midi123 v1.4.0 announcement and source code: https://chiselapp.com/user/MistressRemilia/repository/midi123/technote/f068eff9dfe188fc9ea3948e17503c7d9d0d6796


    CL-MeltySynth v2.2.0 announcement and source code: https://chiselapp.com/user/MistressRemilia/repository/CL-MeltySynth/technote?name=f5996dd68422709e4c80c5d87d47d890160064fa





  18. Awww yeah! :D  I just added support for rendering multiple MIDIs in parallel using midi123. It can render the entire Rise of The Triad soundtrack (34 separate MIDI files) to separate WAVs in about 13 seconds.


    For the record, rendering these to WAV in serial takes 1 minute 37 seconds on my machine, so... yeah, nice speed improvement by doing stuff in parallel.



    Also, some geekier stuff:


    Up until now, CL-MeltySynth and midi123 both required SBCL, the Common Lisp compiler/implementation I tend to use most often.  It's known to be a very good Lisp implementation.  But I've also added support for using Clozure CL (that's "Clozure" with a Z, not a J) since I sometimes use it instead of SBCL.  Both compile Common Lisp code to native machine code.


    Well, adding support for ClozureCL gave me a chance to benchmark the two implementations with actual real-world code, and so I did by rendering "Stalker" from Duke Nukem 3D to a WAV:

    • SBCL (cubic interpolation, Zita-Rev1 reverb, soft clipping, TPDF dithering): 4.995071 seconds
    • SBCL and using Freeverb: 4.138059 seconds
    • SBCL and using Freeverb, no chorus, and linear interpolation: 3.831054 seconds
    • Clozure CL (cubic interpolation, Zita-Rev1 reverb, soft clipping, TPDF dithering): 37.679654 seconds
    • Clozure CL using Freeverb: 43.52037 seconds
    • Clozure CL and using Freeverb, no chorus, and linear interpolation: 41.71585 seconds
    • Unfinished Crystal port (Freeverb, no chorus, linear interpolation, no soft clipping, no dithering): ~3.7 seconds

    Definitely a larger difference in compiled code speed than I expected :-P


    That last one was merely a curiosity since I tend to use Crystal (think "Ruby-inspired, but compiled to native code with LLVM) whenever I don't use Common Lisp.  I think I may actually finish my old unfinished Crystal port just because it gives me a really good real-world benchmark to use.


    FWIW, FluidSynth tended to take about 2.9-3.2 seconds on my machine for this same file, and it uses something based on Freeverb for its reverb afaik.


    1. sectrslayr


      Interesting. Never heard about Crystal. I guess programming languages are coders next favorite pet after frameworks. 😏

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Crystal is a nice language, quite easy and fun to work with.  And their compiler produces really nice native code, it seems.  I helped out with the Crystal dependency manager/build tool called Shards not long ago by add Fossil support to it.


      My only problem with Crystal is that I'm not sure quite how to fit it into my normal workflow.  Crystal seems to be especially good for things like command line programs (which I normally do in Lisp) and web-based programs (which I almost never write, save for Matrix bots).  So I haven't really found much benefit in using it over Common Lisp.  But I keep hoping I'll find more use for it because damn is it a nice language to work with, and I find its syntax particularly pleasant.


      Oddly, Crystal was the language that actually got me interested in Ruby and using it for things like Rakefiles and some other scripting tasks.  Most people seem to go the other way, where they were Ruby users first, then became Crystal users.

  19. Remilia Scarlet

    What was you'r biggest dissapointment in a WAD?

    Not a PWAD, but Doom E3M8. It's over so fast and so anti-climatic ;_;
  20. Remilia Scarlet

    What was your first purist/semi-purist source port?

    Probably the original DOS version. Because that's all there was when I started out :-P Otherwise probably Chocolate Doom many, many years later. Purist ones don't really do much for me personally. My overall port progression, not counting some that I use only once in a great while, went Original -> Boom -> Original (I disliked Boom) -> Doom Legacy -> jDoom/Doomsday -> GZDoom -> a mix of K8Vavoom and Doomsday. Occasionally I'll still use Doom Retro, and I used to use a few others out of necessity (like Linux Doom when we'd DM at work).
  21. Heed this warning!


    With a drought of sacrifice comes Xala'noth,
    Who will again beget the Goat Child.
    With terrible strength it destroy those who do not give
    And become a symbol of death once again.


    The remaining souls, floating in the death,
    will be devoured by shapeless Vordessa.
    Bludgeoned and mangled between her thousands of teeth.
    Then the cursed souls will be thrust
    Into the acidic bowels of their new hell,
    forever clawing at the flesh until their digits bleed in agony.


    And then the Goat Child will die in its mother's smiling grasp,
    Sleeping in death, waiting for her call once again.


    This is the prophecy of our time.





    Don't mind me, i had a random idea for some flavor text for my personal mythology I keep reusing in my levels.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      As long as you don't know of Xala'noth,

      Xala'noth will not know of you.

      But those who do not know Xala'noth

      will be the first to die.

    3. LadyMistDragon


      So wait, are you returning to Eschatology then??

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Oh sure, it's definitely going to be finished.  I'm just taking a break from mapping for a while to work on other things (though I am getting the itch to start mapping again...)

  22. Remilia Scarlet

    Feeling Old?

    I don't feel too old due to the passage of time, oddly. I think it's because I just stick to doing the things I enjoy. Like sure, Doom is almost 29 years old, I've been using Linux for 20 years, and holy shit I've already been married nine years. But Doom and Linux (and my wife) are all things I enjoy, so they don't really get "old", and thus don't feel old. My body feels old, however. Or more accurately "well used by this point in life", due to my past physical activities. Now at 38, I'm starting PT for arthritis in my knees and ankles. Doing aikido, bike riding, and DDR near daily when I was younger really put a strain on my legs, I guess ^_^; I'd still do it over, though. Mentally I feel about 15-20 years younger than I am. I'm almost glad I don't always act my age, tbh.
  23. Remilia Scarlet

    Recommend me a free midi maker

    Know what FLOSS MIDI editor I forgot to mention? Rosegarden. It can even do both notation input (which I used to use religiously) and piano rolls, like Cakewalk. I might actually start using this one myself when I do GM/GS/XG stuff...