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  1. Our pool is, finally, almost fixed. All that's left to do is for the pool guy to finish off some minor repairs at our filter and pump, put the carpet back, and for me to clean it out. In the end, he had to break up the concrete decking in three different places around the pool to find the leak. It was finally found in a small plastic elbow joint at the corner near the fence. So, we should be swimming by next week! I'll see if I can get a picture of it when it's fixed.

    Went and did some DDR again last night. I'm definitely improving, as I can now pass Max300 with a B. Also did some other stuff, like passing Era yet again on maniac, Kick the Can, Candy, and other cool songs. I actually never did do Healing Vision on maniac, which is strange. I almost always do that one, since I can get a B on it.

    Got the new Kraftwerk album on preorder now. Once again on cd and a 2-vinyl package. Also, if you go here, you can view their little advertisement/sample of their single.

    1. BlueSonnet


      Yay. That's great.

  2. God, I'm so tired this morning. Either I'm staying up to late this week, or just getting fatigued from working eight hours a day and driving two more hours. I'm thinking it may be a combination of both. I should probably start going to bed at 11:00 rather than 12:00.

    Last night I was looking stuff up on DJ Frankie Knuckles (one of my favorite DJs) and came across a website which I had come across before, but never really appreciated it's form. The way everything is hyperlinked is really cool. If you want good historical information on techno, house, and DJs, or just want to see what I mean, here's the address: jahsonic.com

    I've been finding it harder and harder to write non-dance songs lately. It's very strange, but the truth. I've already got one done for my next CD, about 1/3 of the way through another, and have yet another one lined up in my head (going Acid House now). Maybe I can get my DJ friend to help me make a true continuous mix of these when I'm finished.

    I can't wait for Quakecon to come! I'm practicing some sort of FPS, either UT, UT2003, or Q3, everyday now to get ready. My boss is actually telling me to do this! She's let me put Quake3 on a few computers at work to practice, as my comp still doesn't work. I've got to call them again...and really complain... Anyway, it looks like I'm going with Matt, Jon, and Sabrena's brother. We're probably going to take the New Mexico route down to Texas, as it's been recommended to us by more people than anything else.

    And now that I'm at work...I just preordered the new Kraftwerk album. I'm just in total euphoria now! Ha ha! Yes! W00t! Cowabunga! He he! Woo woo! *runs around room 'till dead from exhaustion*

  3. I was checking out my friend's lj and found another cool quiz. This time, I don't think it's been posted here...

    My results:

    And the link to it It's at Quizilla, so it may take just a moment to load.

    I've decided to try and build a simple Mega Man clone in VB6 for no reason other than I want to. It's going to be pretty simple, as I'm not that good at programming, but it should at least be playable. Right now, I'm working on the level editor. So far, it'll setup a simple, makeshift grid system, scrollbars, preload the graphics for the map (which I have a whole two graphics for!), as well as display a "Graphic Selection" window. So, iow...it's not doing very much right now.

    Looks like we've finally got four members in our party for Quakecon this year. This should be an interesting experience, as I've never taken a roadtrip with just friends. Actually, three of the four of us never have. And one is my ex-girlfriend's brother. The same ex who I still love, lol

  4. I just took a geek quiz to see how much of a geek I am. I scored 48.52071% and am considered a "Super Geek". The test is at:


    My friend got me to join a mush finally. I'm a Japanese female character named Naomi, lol. I've already become engaged to marry this other girl! Wow, maybe I should stick to the internet for relationships...

    Got both the CD and 12" vinyl of the new Kraftwerk single on preorder now. Should be coming soon.

  5. I saw this like either Monday or last week, but Kraftwerk's coming out with a brand new single ("Tour de France 2003"), but a totally new album! The album is called "Tour de France 03", and with the exception of the new version of Tour de France, it's going to have all new songs!

    The best place to get info on it is at http://kraftwerk.technopop.com.br

    I already pre-ordered the CD single from a UK music site. God, I can't wait to hear them! *runs around room screaming in joy*

    The single's official release date is 7/7, with the album release date being 7/27. A new video is being delivered to MTV, VH1, and some other stations on 7/20 (tomorrow!). *runs around screaming again*

  6. School's out, summer's started, and I'm now working full time. What do I get to do? Sit on my rear for most of the day, playing games, and making levels in Doom and Unreal Tournament. Not bad for $11.83/hr., if I may say so myself.

    Sabrena's out of school too, and just recently got back from Cali. Going to call her this weekend, if her mom's not getting married, and ask her out for next week finally.

    Somehow, my friend Matt got me on a MUSH. An all-female-character Mush at that. So, I'm known as Naomi. And Naomi's already got a fiancee on there, too! The cool part, however, is how I did my personal "room" in there. I've got one in this downed airship-turned-house. Well, since I can't draw worth anything, and I can link to a picture in the description, I made a simple Unreal level of the room, took a screenshot, and put it up. It's at http://www.du.edu/~ahunt/room1.jpg and http://www.du.edu/~ahunt/room2.jpg if you're interested.

    Went to the mall last night and played some good DDR. Passed Era and Healing Vision both on maniac without a problem, and nearly got an "A" with all Perfects on both Matsuri Japan and Healing Vision Angelic Mix on basic. My goal before the end of this month is to pass Matsuri Japan on maniac. I'm almost there, as I know all the steps and can pass it when I put the speed on 4/5 in training mode (5/5 is full speed, ~180bpm). It's just a matter of endurance now.

    I've been introduced to another band as well. They're called E Nomine, and sound like very dark industrial techno/trance mixed with orchestral sounds and a bit of Rammstein. They sing in German. So far, my favorite song is called "Das Tier In Mir" (The Animal In Me).

    Got my new subs installed in my car. Two 10" 300w subs in a bass-reflex box and an Alpine 250w sub with Bass Engine. They pound very nice!

    Also started working on a new trance song. I only have the introduction area finished, and it still needs work, but if you want, here's the WIP mp3 (already out of date, as I layered the "melody" with a DanceStack1, sounds much better): http://www.du.edu/~ahunt/Trance2.mp3