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  1. For about two weeks now, I've been working on a new song in Reason 2.5, trying to get some progress made on it. The creativity and drive to work on it seems to come in spurts, and once the spurt is used up, the song seems to go nowhere again.

    The problem is, these spurts don't last too long. Tonight's ended up adding 24 bars to the song, a new sound, and fixing the 2nd bass sound I have (the sound is what I call a "whoomp" bass). I believe part of the creative spurt was brought on by listening to "Mahadeva" by Astral Projection (bad-ass goa track), some other goa, and eating some pho for dinner. That combination may sound odd, and it does to me too, but that's the best explination I can come up with.

    I'd like to find a way to make these creative spurts last longer and become more productive, but I'm having trouble figuring out how. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd be glad to hear it.

    I can't complain much, as musically I've been dry for about a year and a half now, if not a bit longer. My trip to Japan somehow revitalized me and around halfway through my trip, music started flowing again. First a trickle, and as of late, much more.

    And if anyone's curious, the song is du.edu/~ahunt/On%20Another%20Day.mp3]here. This is a work-in-progress, so it may sound rough in some areas (including mastering/EQing errors). File is ~2.44mb, and is not goa trance.

    1. Shtbag667


      I think its turning out good, it actually sounds like the demo song on my synthesizer. If you ever finish it you can upload it on this website for free:


    2. Fredrik


      I believe when you say "creative bursts", you mean "bursts of inspiration". The truth is that such bursts mustn't be the determining factor of productivity, nor of the quality of your output.

      The best way to be creative is to work hard. Inspiration sometimes comes with concrete ideas, but is usually just a sense of motivation. There are other ways to motivate yourself to work (ie discipline) -- the only catch is that they require more effort.

      To quote Carmack, "if you aren't sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better".

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Fredrik said:

      I believe when you say "creative bursts", you mean "bursts of inspiration". The truth is that such bursts mustn't be the determining factor of productivity, nor of the quality of your output.

      The best way to be creative is to work hard. Inspiration sometimes comes with concrete ideas, but is usually just a sense of motivation. There are other ways to motivate yourself to work (ie discipline) -- the only catch is that they require more effort.

      To quote Carmack, "if you aren't sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better".

      I quite agree with that first part, and see how the 2nd part is part of my problem. There are times where I push ahead anyways and work hard, but there is sometimes the problem of motivation and actually getting off my rear long enough to do so. I need to work on this, I think, and focus on disciplining myself to work hard regardless of the amount of insparation.

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  2. I seem to have angered the motheboard gods...

    I decided to go and do a BIOS upgrade on my Intel D875PBZ motherboard today. I got onto Intel's site, downloaded a self-extracting utility, and proceded according to the directions.

    Seemed pretty simple. Run the program, let the comp reboot, let it do its thing, and it's done.

    Well, after it seemed finished, I get this error: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device.

    I rebooted and made sure the BIOS had my HD as one of its boot devices (I usually go CD->Floppy->HD1). To my surprise, the HD wasn't even an option. Neither of my two HDs were.

    Should I try redoing the BIOS from a floppy this time? Or is there something else I can do?

    1. iori


      Yeah, I just installed my updated bios a week ago, and i had to load the default failsafe configuration in the bios before it would boot.

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Cleared the CMOS, but it still won't boot. After thinking of something, and a quick Google search to confirm that this is where the IDE sits, I believe that the Southbridge died on it. USB has been acting up on it as of late (can't find two ports, and will only work at 1.1 speeds...putting it at 2.0 speeds makes it loose even more ports), so I think that this may be just the case.

      This sound like a possibility? 'Cause the BIOS works fine from what it seems like and the CMOS was cleared.

    3. Bucket


      I had the same exact error message when I was doing a BIOS upgrade a few weeks ago. I went to a technical help forum (WHAT A CONCEPT!) and got these suggestions:

      - Remove the battery. Sometimes the clear CMOS jumper does not do the job right.
      - Restore the BIOS to "Fail-Safe Defaults".
      - reinstall the components one at a time. Start with a video card. If the video card isn't seen by the mobo, there should be beeps. (probably has nothing to do with this)
      - give up.


      EDIT: Yes, your BIOS upgrade will still be intact if you remove the CMOS battery.

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  3. Yep, I'm back in the US now. Got back last night around 6:00, and am glad to be back home. The flight over was pretty nice. Somehow, they shaved off two and a half hours, making the flight last only nine hours. The flight from LA to Denver, however, was a bit annoying. There were at least two kids around me crying most of the way, a kid up front who insisted on watching a DVD without headphones, and just alot of comotion overall.

    But yeah. I'm back. Now I miss Japan.

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Danarchy said:

      I bet it had something to do with them tricky timezones.

      I'm thinking either that, or the route. I know that a curved line is the shortest distance between two points on a globe, but I think the first time they curved it too much. This time, the path was less curved. 'Cause the screen measures flight time based on the time inside the plane.

    2. Nmn


      Numbermind said:

      Heh, my friend is in Poland right this very moment getting ready to marry his girlfriend.

      Heh, everytime I hear someone comes to Poland they get marry :D Polish women are the best. _|..|

    3. Bucket


      Eh, I'd take a Japanese girl over a Polish girl anyday.
      But for the most part, I stick to American or Irish girls. Any other nationality seems to allow their women to adopt an ear-piercing whine.

      Maybe it's just me, but I get close-range-shotgun visuals easily.

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  4. Yep, I turned 21 today (5th...it's already the evening here). Can't believe I'm this age now, as it feels rather odd to think about it. Meh.

    Celebrating was pretty cool. Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Branden at a very good German restaurant in Kyoto, walked around there for a while, and then went to see the new Godzilla movie. It was opening day for it, so it was quite cool.

    I spent most of today, my actual birthday, with my friend Jo. We hung out for a while, talked, worked on homework, and then went out for dinner.

    When I get home, the girl whom I keep alternating between being in love with and attempting to deny it says she has a present for me. Can't wait to see what it is. OMG, MAYBE SHE'S DRESSING UP AS MY FAVORITE ANIME CHARACTER FOR A NIGHT AND IS GOING TO PLAY VIDEOGAMES WITH ME FOR THE NIGHT!!!

    Err....*ahem*. Yeah, that was my birthday. Quite fun overall ^_^

    I leave to go back home in just about 6 days now.

    たんじょうび (誕生日)- Birthday

    EDIT: According to Japan, I was born in Showa 58. So my birthdate is 58-12-05.

    1. iori


      Just walk over to Canada :)

    2. Job


      iori said:

      Just walk over to Canada :)

      absinthe > booze

    3. Danarchy


      Meh, too much effort. The border always takes like an hour to get through.

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  5. You know, I expected this to happen, but I didn't expect it to happen quite like this. My mom and family of course du.edu/~ahunt/wallscroll.jpg]joked about it before I left, but the issue has definitely become a bit more of a reality now. But it's hard since I only have about 13 more days here...

    We didn't become good friends until recently when I took her out to a club. That night, because we originally met at 5pm and didn't know the club opened until 10pm, we had alot of time to talk and get to know one another. And again when I spent the day with her in her hometown of Moriyama (even drove her car...yes, illegally...but it was damn fun!). It's too early to tell, sure, but even then I know I'm wanting something to continue when I go home, friendship or otherwise. I have her e-mail, and she has mine, of course. And she's comming to the US in February (may or may not stop to see me...depends on the situation and money).

    But the only thing I'm totally confused on is whether or not I should say anything at all. I mean, what should I do? Say something, or let it go and just hope that we stay friends? How much should I say if I say anything?

    1. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Talk to her for a few more days and if she shows signs of being interested in you, tell her that you wouldn't mind dating her if she wanted to.

    2. Lord FlatHead

      Lord FlatHead

      BBG said:

      tell her that you wouldn't mind dating her if she wanted to.

      That's going to be a bit hard if he has to leave the country isn't it ? Or am I missing something ?

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Lord FlatHead said:

      That's going to be a bit hard if he has to leave the country isn't it ? Or am I missing something ?

      Well, it could. Depending on the needs of both of them.

      I say definitely be friends with her, even if that is all that can work out at the moment, it is still something great at that. :D

      Only 13 days left? That is really short. I hope you enjoy your last days there. :D Cool poster and farewell banner Dee-lee. :D

      Good luck. :D

  6. This morning the internet decided to stop working in my room. Figuring it was just their server again, I left for school. But what did I find in my mailbox when I got there? A slip saying I was disconnected from the network due to the possibility of my laptop picking up a virus recently, and asking me to bring it in so they could fix it. Ok, two things here:

    1. It doesn't have a virus. The incident that probably got them to notice me was when I installed a program accidentally that had somewhere around 100 pieces of adware/spyware in it (eh, not downloading from that site again). Well, I quickly ran three seperate Adware/Spyware removal tools using their deep scan options and removed all of the culprits. Then I even ran Hijack This! and manually removed a few more questionable entries. THEN I updated my virus definitions and ran a full computer scan. Know what? No virus on it that I can tell.

    2. I don't care if the computer I own is a freshly installed system which I had used for a total of one minute. I don't like people screwing with my computer since you never know when they might screw it up. If anyone's going to fuck it over, it'll be me.

    So this is what I did...first, I went in and tried explaining to them that I ran all those cleaning programs and they didn't come up with anything. Didn't matter, still had to bring it in. So then I told them that I deleted Windows and only had Linux on it (not quite true, but read on...). Didn't matter, still had to bring it in. At this time, I returned to my dorm, rebooted into Linux, logged in, and changed something. Know what I changed? /etc/lilo.conf, removing the lines that let my bootloader even recognize that Windows is installed on my system. Then for safety, I removed the directory /mnt/windows. The result? Doesn't look like I have Windows anymore, now does it? There are probably some more hints that it's still on there, but not many.

    So I brought it back to the computer lab here. This time a girl was working and helped me out (she understood english better and I might add was alot more friendly). I explained to her that I had cleaned Windows, but then just got rid of it, leaving only Linux. She went and called the main computer guy, but when she came back she said she still had to go take it to get scanned. That's when I realized something: it's password protected. Well, I let her know my login and password...but not to root. Just my normal user name. So, no access into the heart of the OS. I sure as hell wasn't going to give them my root password.

    Oh yes, I should mention that my installation of Linux doesn't even boot up into a graphical environment or desktop. Straight to the command-line. So we'll see how this plays out. I want to know what exactly they're scanning for in Linux...

    And actually...even if they know how to do startx, I think I need to reinstall my nVidia driver (long, complicated story, don't ask...probably not what you think)...so they might not be able to...

  7. You know, Japan is a wonderful place. I absolutely love it here. From the people to the atmosphere to the food, it's all quite exciting and wonderful. But at the same time, Kansai Gaidai, the school I'm at, sucks monkey balls and should be avoided.

    The classes here for international students are all geared towards 3rd and 4th year students. Yet, each and every one has been easier than my first year college classes back home. They literally feel more like high school classes. Hell, in my Japanese class are actually given busy work. Sure, it's necissary to take into account that we are in Japan and want to go out and do stuff, but some of this is overkill.

    I have four classes, one of which is Japanese. And that class is the worst of them all. For a school which trains language teachers, it's rather sad to be in this class, and even more sad to have a teacher where they make you want to stop learning something. We've already finished the book we had for class and now are watching movies. And that's it. For the rest of the quarter, we watch movies and have vocabulary quizzes over it. Sounds like a fairly good idea, right? Her idea of a vocabulary quiz is learning 59 words in a two days on top of new grammar rules, without really using the new vocabulary in class much. Ok, I can cram that many words in my head for a quiz. Can I memorize them effectivly to where I can use them in the future in that amount of time? No.

    Her idea of lesson exams is even better. Let's take a sentence in English: "I want to go to the store together." In Japanese, you can say it in these ways:

    -ishou ni su-pa ni itte kudasai.
    -ishou ni su-pa ni itte hoshi desu.
    -ishou ni su-pa ni ikitai desu.

    Each one basically says, "Goto the store with me". The first literally says "Please goto the store together" and greatly implies that you want the other person to do so, the second says "I want to go to the store together", and the last says, "I want to go to the store together". All three say pretty much the same thing, with the last two being the same thing said in two different ways. When structuring a test, you can modify the Engish sentence to specifically target a particular version of that phrase you want. Hell, if anything put "use ~hoshi desu" in parenthesis like most teachers do.

    Does our teacher do this? No. It's a guessing game.

    The next thing I can't understand is why I'm even in this level in the first place. This entire semester has been review for me in terms of grammar. A level three class is using a level two book. That is something which I can't understand. On the placement test, I remember getting all the questions correct for this level of Japanese.

    Hiragana is another thing. It's one of the three (four if you count Romanji) writing systems used in Japan. It and Katakana each contain 40 some odd characters, making each one like an alphabet. We learned this stuff back on day #1 or #2. Well, if we draw a hiragana slightly wrong, we get the entire sentence wrong. Some of us naturally have some not so good handwriting. In english when I write, do I get marked off because I make the horizontal line in a capital A go beyond the two outer lines? No, it's obsurd. But to her, us doing a mistake comparable to that in hiragana, where the hiragana we're trying to write still looks like it should and not like something else, is bad. We're marked off an entire sentence for it, sometimes as much as 5 points.

    That's all I feel like ranting about right now. Think I'll go eat.

    1. Csonicgo


      Now that society's progressed so, I guess it's almost impossible to change a language. besides, that takes time, which we don't have.

      English is basically middle german, and is no where near the japanese language. it's apples and oranges. and THAT'S why I can't write it, speak it, or read it. ex:
      "I want to go to the store together"
      I hope you can get there in one piece too, pal. didn't know the halfing disease was back.

    2. DooMBoy


      The Ultimate DooMer said:

      I'd love to visit Japan. In fact it's probably at the top of my countries-with-the-most-desire-to-visit list.

      Japan, Spain, and England are three of the countries I'd really love to visit someday.

    3. deathbringer


      I SAID Mitsouka View-T!. Or even better, Mitsouka La-sayde. Lets not go near the Mitsouka Ray though, its a Micra trying to be a Riley Elf, and failing, badly.

      Actually, i think i saw a View-T once, i didnt know it existed then though, so i thought it was a real Jaguar mk2, it was wierd...

      Me: Those Jaguar mk2's are TINY, arent they?
      Dad: Yeah, they weren't that big
      Me: Dont see why it needed a 3.2-litre engine
      Dad: Well engines where not as powerful back then
      Me: Yeah, but its really small, the mk1 Cortina was around at the same time wasnt it?, and that was about the same size...
      Dad: *Trails off*

      Then i saw the size of a REAL mk2 Jag, which is actually pretty big, and made from like solid cast iron...

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  8. I'm listening to the CD I got by The Martian a while back right now. It's in the style of Detroit Techno, which is extremely hard to come by. One thing I'm noticing is how complex this music is, while also being quite beautiful. The song I'm listening to now specifically (Sex in Zero Gravity) has some rather complex layered polyrhythmic parts. We have the traditional 4-on-the-floor kick drum with a slight frill here and there, standard high-hat pattern for techno, snare hits on 2 and 4, 808 toms, a background arpeggio part, another background countermelody, bass part, pad, an odd rhythmic part, a melodic xylophone part, an odd thin synth, and a xylophone-like part that's almost soloing over this. Each of these parts has a different rhythm, yet all of them fit together seamlessly and perfectly. At the same time, the song is presenting itself in a light mood, one that is upbeat and lively, while still retaining its techno roots.

    These dichotomies are apparent all through the genre. The more I listen to it, the more I realize how important it was to the development of electronica. Another interesting dichotomy I noticed straight away on the first track, which has no percussion track, is the combination of nature meets technology. It reminds me alot of Turok (or at least what I played of the original). These dichotomies are something I think I would like to look into as I write music more. I'd also like to look more into polyrhythms.

    Given that I just started a new song in Reason, perhaps I can flesh it out with these...I hate to have to use a software synth, but since all my hardware's back home I have no other choice.

    Anyone else have any ideas on this?

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Tobester said:

      Kinda irrelevant reply here, but I beleive that the most thoughtful description of techno ANYTHING that I've ever read. Before, I pretty much considered techno to be about as deep as my roommate seems when she listens to it... "omg THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP UP! AND DOWN! AND UP! AND DOWN!"

      Or something.

      Point being, I'm kinda inspired to download the music now, if I get a free chance today.

      Heh, yeah. On the surface sure, that's all Techno is. Once you really start listening to it though, and knowing what to listen for, it opens up into a whole new world. Like in Detroit Techno (and alot of other similar styles), the repetitive rhythms themselves create melody out of that very repetitiveness. Kind of an odd phenomenon, but true. That and the actual structure of trance songs tends to be rather interesting, especially progressive ones where sections are added on top of one another like bricks successivly.

      If you want some suggestions on what to start off with, let me know in a PM or something.

    2. Bucket


      I've studied techno in my college days. I came to the conclusion that when techno evolves to a point where it can't anymore, the epitome of its sound will be late-70's jazz fusion.

    3. Fredrik


      There's nothing like 70s jazz fusion.

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  9. After getting home tonight, I ran across a Slashdot article which pointed me into the direction of Maze War, apparently the first FPS DM game ever (ran on, I believe, ARPANET, using an ImLacs PDS-1 computer). Well, reading up on the old ImLacs, I got interested in reading up on more old computers, and eventually ran across this site: http://oldcomputers.net/

    It's a rather interesting site if you want to see some older vintage computers.

    After going through this site, I've decided to take up a new hobby: collecting old, vintage computers. Not many, and I don't want this to turn into an extremely expensive hobby, but I think it'd be rather fun to do. Pick up an old one here, write a BASIC program or two for it there...

    The first one I'm thinking about is a Kaypro II since I found one rather cheap. But given that I'm in Japan, it puts a slight kink into purchasing it. Sure, I can ship it to my house where my mom is, but...the issue of funding comes into play.

    If I can find a Kaypro 2000, though...yeah, that'd be something ^_^

    Oh well, we'll see where this goes. Now, off to use an emulated TI99/4A since mine's at home and not here...maybe write some meaningless program in TI-Basic, the first language I learned.

    1. Sephiroth


      japan seems like a kick ass place. Would you consider living there for the rest of you life?
      typhoons and earthquakes, yea those can suck. however they are not as bad as an allied bombing raid.

      about old computers?
      well there is a store here called medelson's. it has just about everything you can think of. I bought some cool stuff there. They had a few of those compaq systems, portable 1. I did buy the 8 inch floppy drive, that thing was fucking huge, as big as a computer. i sold it to the guy down the street, but i kept the disks. i bought 2 unopened boxes of 8 inch floppy disks.

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Sephiroth said:

      japan seems like a kick ass place. Would you consider living there for the rest of you life?
      typhoons and earthquakes, yea those can suck. however they are not as bad as an allied bombing raid.

      Yeah, I would definitely consider it. The only thing would be finding some sort of mate to stay here with. The one thing I've missed so far from back home is my friends and family. But outside of that, yeah, I'd consider it.

      Sephiroth also said:

      about old computers?
      well there is a store here called medelson's. it has just about everything you can think of. I bought some cool stuff there. They had a few of those compaq systems, portable 1. I did buy the 8 inch floppy drive, that thing was fucking huge, as big as a computer. i sold it to the guy down the street, but i kept the disks. i bought 2 unopened boxes of 8 inch floppy disks.

      Heh, those 8" floppy drives are a trip. My friend back home has a 25mb or so hard drive that's about the size of one of those drives. If I got one, though, I'd have to wonder what I would use it for. Storing half a porn jpg on one disc? hehe

    3. Sephiroth


      yea i got a big ass 30MB hard drive too. its about the size of my laptop. the cool thing about it is the plastic surroding it is sort of clear. so you can see it work, that is if i decide to hook it up the something.
      got that at medelson's as well.

      also i have a much smaller but nearly just as old 25MB hard drive. it works. it uses the same type of plug as the old floppies.

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  10. After tonight, I've decided to take at least a one-week's break away from Stepmania (the DDR game on my laptop that I use a keyboard to play). Why? Well, first, take a look at this, which is the screen showing some stats on the song:


    Yes, that's a 14-foot DDR song, and actually the original long version of Max 300 (yes, there's a long version) speeded up 5.946 percent. It has 18 speed changes, 20 stops in it (some lasting 0.10 seconds), and the max speed on it ends up being 635.676 bpm at the very end (10170.82 bpm for brief periods of time...not a typo). Quite the experience, I must say. Stepchart:


    Now, the stepchart doesn't show a few things, like the pauses and speed changes. One speed change lasts around 15-25 seconds, going down to 3.32bpm, and works up to 79.46bpm. Now THAT's a fun place.

    My score? Well, so far this is the best I've done. I will do better...but this is what I've done so far:


    Yeah, gotta take a break for at least a week...but at least I've got the long version of Max300 now. Love that song ^_^

    1. Psyonisis


      The first step is admitting you have a problem.

    2. Gokuma


      This owns DDR and doesn't involve you either being dead from the waist up or getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      So much for my week's break. At least I got alot of my songs re-organized. My "Originals" folder was getting bad.

  11. What is "aho"? Well, perhaps some of you have heard of the Japanese term "baka", which means "idiot" roughly. "aho" is the same as "baka", except it's Osaka dialect.

    And yes, my roommate is an "aho", big time. The dude is really getting on my nerves. We generally don't talk at all, as we have almost nothing in common. He's drunk nearly all the time, never in the dorm, and when he is he just sleeps, and it's whenever I have to do stuff. So I'm always needing to be quiet. On top of that, he's keeping the room a mess (I've been trying hard to keep my side rather nice and clean).

    For the last week, I've had a bit of a cough/cold, which I've determined has most likely come from the fact that my roommate keeps the room at 66 degrees fahrenheit (19 degrees celcius), which is cold enough to make me shiver when I have my pajamas on. No matter how many times I turn it up, he'll just turn it back down. He won't let it stay at a higher temperature. So I'm guessing that's how I've caught this cold.

    Last night, he came home around 2:30 more drunk than I had ever seen a person. I was still awake at this time, working on a Doom level for Kill. He couldn't even talk to me when I said, "Oh...hey dude." Well, he came in, changed clothes, and asked if he could turn out the light, so I said "sure". He leaves the room, and I get into bed since I'm pretty tired myself by this point. After we're both laying down, he gets up, twice in 10 minutes, to goto the bathroom. Then he got up again, walked to his desk, and plopped down in the chair, leaning over with his head on his desk. After a bit, he just barely got his laptop open, then laid his head back down on his desk, now spitting once on the floor. He got back up, pulled the curtain back, and then tried to find the door where there was no door, acting like a zombie (literally). Then he plopped back down on his chair, rubbed where he spit with his foot, and rested for a bit. Then he got back up and just plopped back down onto his futon where he finally went to bed. So I went back to bed around 3:15am. The dude was just totally wasted and pathetic.

    Today I went to eat lunch at my friend's homestay house (which consists of one 50 year old Japanese woman who can't speak more than a handful of English words).

    How does this tie in? Well, at his hostmom's house, we were discussing how horrible of a roommmate he's turning out to be. I mentioned how two nights ago, I actually went to bed wearing my hoodie and socks on top of covering up with my heavy futon cover. Anyways, my friend's host mom asked if I had complained to Otosan yet (the proprieter of my dorm), and I said that I haven't yet but that I'm now planning to after last night.

    Well, if they don't do anything about this, or if I'd rather have her just go ahead, she's going to call the school, Kansai Gaidai, and get them to either kick him out of the school, get me a new roommate, or find a new place for me to stay. And given that this lady is literally a multi-millionare (in terms of US dollar), and is best friends with the actual president of the school, I think she can pull it off. So I may just have her call for me.

    And maybe have her hook me up with her extremely hot 30 year old friend whom I met today, too, while she's at it.

    1. Amaster


      Sake is readily available in America if you live in a place that has good Japanese restaurants.

      I'm personally indifferent to sake for the most part.

    2. Use


      I'm glad I have a nice roommate!

    3. Bucket


      Job said:

      Share your roomie wisdom with me, loremaster.

      There's great effectiveness in barring access to YOUR beer and YOUR weed until whoever pissed all over the toilet gets to scrubbin'. The trick is to OWN stuff, and to give a shit when it gets ruined.

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  12. Yesterday during a trip I made to Kyoto, I stopped my a CD shop and bought a DJ Tora cd. Now, I've never heard of DJ Tora back in the states as DJ Tora is a Japanese DJ. Well, DJ Tora is quite good and spins some good really tracks. But one question remains...is DJ Tora a guy or a girl?


    My friends think it's a guy, and I think so too, but...I'm still not positive.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      deathbringer said:

      Ever seen Gackt and Hyde? they are really sexy too, though obviously guys.

      Hell yes I've seen Gackt and Hyde. I have their movie "Moon Child". I'd definitely bang 'em both, probably Gackt more.

    3. MagnuM




    4. Job


      That wasn't really necessary.

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  13. Being here in Japan, I've already spotted some really good Engrish. Yesterday I was waiting at a bus stop when I read a sign on a pay phone. Now, this pay phone was in like a plexyglass case with a door on it. The sign on the door roughly translated as, "Please take care not to get your hand smashed in this" or something like that. The Engrish on the sign said, "Please care your hand."

    The first day I was here, I was showing a picture of a sign for a "labolatory".

    But so far, my shirt takes the kicker.
    The lower corner of the back also has a disfigured peace sign and the word "Market" under it.

    1. rf`


      DJ_Haruko said:

      Heh, "fist" and "hear"...

      What can I say. All I can give you the probable reason: My dorm room is freakin' cold as Antartica.


    2. Danarchy
    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      ravage said:


      That is its, I gives up my abilities of English. I fail it.

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  14. Hmm...been having some thoughts lately that have been making me think, mainly in regards to humans of the female kind.

    On the one hand is girl #1, who we will call Sally to protect the innocent. Before I left home for Japan, I talked with Sally and told her I loved her. She never outright said that she loved me too, but instead said she felt the same way towards me she thought. Also, she told my friends that the reason she hasn't gone out with me is because I was going to go to Japan. Sally is a girl I've been "wooing" for about a year now, and while we've had some fights where I didn't want to even have much contact with her, I generally like her very much, and she's starting to show signs of liking me very much, too.

    However, since I met Sally, I've always questioned in my mind just how well we would be able to date one another, and how "reliable" or "true" (both used as a loose terms) she would be to our relationship. And there's always the question of just how she feels about me, as she's not very open about it, at least not yet.

    Girl #2, whom we shall call Susan (who is NOT Japanese, but another exchange student), is someone here in Japan. Susan is someone whom I'm finding out I really really like, and who, at least at times, appears to like me as well in a way that's a bit more than just a friend. Susan reminds me of Sally in that she has all of Sally's good points, plus none of Sally's bad points. Susan of course has some bad points (come on, she's a human), but they aren't noticeable to me. She also seems like the type where I would have the same questions popping up in my head as with Sally. And my mom would end up liking Susan better than Sally as well. Susan seems more family oriented than Sally, which is a trait I like to look for in girls.

    The problem is, back in the US, Susan lives a few states away. And she's only here in Japan 'till December 11th, me the 12th.

    What to do...what to do...I just don't know which way to go.

    1. Bucket


      Eh. Do them both.

    2. Job


      Numbermind said:

      Eh. Do them both.

      Numbermind's ultimate philosophy: When in doubt, whip it out.

      Now for the real advice, well...it looks like you could have fun dating and getting to know either girl, though Susan seems to be the best bet. Anyway, I don't think it's always a good idea to "date to marry", because then you try to hard to find someone who's perfect, and that simply isn't very feasible. Not only that, but the seriousness of such a search would ruin any fun you get from dating. So just relax, let come what may and see what happens. Don't try to plan anything major around either of these girls - you'll only be setting yourself up for disappointment.

  15. Here's something interesting. Comming to Japan, I certainly expected to become better at DDR, but expected this more on a pad than on a computer keyboard. Well, somehow the opposite happened. I passed these three songs the other day (links are to stepchart pictures...people really should check these out):

    Slipknot's Duality (I got a B on this one. 145bpm, 10-feet.)
    Marine Snow (C on this one. 296bpm, 11-feet.)
    Pistolero (The Juno Reactor song) (C on this one, too, though I've almost gotten a B. 141bpm, 10-feet.)

    Maybe I should stop playing this game...

    1. rf`


      I'd be impressed if I could get my penis to dance like that.

    2. Mr. NobodX

      Mr. NobodX

      ravage said:

      I'd be impressed if I could get my penis to dance like that.

      Yeah, get a moaning tape and dance over it...

    3. destx


      DDR and slipknot?
      What the fuck? an unholy union of two of the most retarded things on this planet.

      The Antichrist has arrived, and it is an arcade machine.

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  16. This is going to be a hard one as I have very little to go on except my memories of this one. Sorry in advance for this.

    I'm looking for a midi file. I can't remember the name of the artist who wrote it. I believe it was called "Synthetic Protocol", and the file I had was simply called 16.mid. The artist also wrote one that was called, i believe, "Across the River Charon" and other that used three channels each with the standard Echos GM patch at the beginning of it.

    16.mid started with some soft synth bass 1 and sawtooth wave parts doing some arpeggio stuff, building up until a drum pattern cracks and the thing goes into a sort of electro/breakbeat thing while retaining the trancy-stuff. The patches I remember it using were synth bass 1 and 2, polysynth pad, halo pad, electro kit and the analog/TR-808 kit, and synth strings.

    Any ideas? They're all sort of techno/electronica in style. Or any ideas as to who the artist is?

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Well, I can now say that the artist is Jeff Lawson, and that the other two tracks I was thinking of were The Crystal City and Elemental. But, I'm still looking for the Synthetic Protocol one. Google's not helping me with this.

    2. Ralphis
  17. Figured since I hadn't posted anything on it, I would. Here's my first blog from Japan. Pics (linked, all 1024x768, about 150k each) at the bottom.

    Today we had the luncheon and welcome ceremony here. It was quite good, and the luncheon served some American-style food, so it was good to have meat, potatoes, and carrots, hehe. Cathrine, Stephanie, Jennifer, and a girl from Kentucky named Andi sat together and ate. Afterwards Andi, her friend, and I walked back to the dorms. As it turns out, they love anime and videogames. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find people here who like anime and videogames. Outside of them, it's just Brandon, really. Anyways, the other cool thing that Andi is going to stay in the dorms. All my other friends are leaving to goto homestay, so it's good to know at least someone here. She's in the dormatory nextdoor, Seminar House III.

    Anyways, after that I came back to my dorm for just a half an hour to rest. At 2:00, we met up again front of the CIE building, where we paired up 3 to 3 with Japanese students. They were going to be our tour guides for a trip to Kyoto. So it was Brandon paired up with Naomi, a girl named Karen paired up with a guy named Uchi, and I was paired up with a very cuite girl named Hiromi. We took two trains to Kyoto, where they then took us to two seperate temples there (both Buddhist). Man was it beautiful...Anyways, they then took us out to dinner. Hiromi had to go by this time, but Naomi and Uchi stayed. Naomi even paid for part of our dinner! Anyways, we then took some trains home. I think I have the train system down. I'll take pictures of it and explain it soon.

    Tomorrow is like the first day i have nothing to do. So Brandon and I are first going to hit the 99-Yen store so I can get some fingernail clippers and some better tasting tea. Then we're going to go find an arcade since there's supposed to be one fairly close to here...he's moving out of the dorms, but he's going to be VERY close to here, so we'll keep hanging out. Best way I can describe him...he's very mellow, he's a Computer Engineering major so we have stuff in common, likes anime and Japanese stuff, and he's pretty intelectual.

    The entire time we were out, I tried to use Japanese, and succeeded 3/4ths of the time. I'm surprised how well I can communicate already...and love doing so in Japanese, lol.

    Anyways, that's pretty much it for today. Here's pictures, though!

    That was at the opening ceremony this morning.

    Another shot...somewhat blurred.

    That was one of the streets Hiromi and I were walking down to get to Hirikata Eki. "Eki" in Japanese means train station. Train is "densha".

    This was right infront of Hirakata Eki. Kind of a cool street.

    We transfered onto the Super Express line here. I don't know what station it is exactly, but the view is awesome.

    Another shot while waiting for the Super Express line.

    Ok, group picture. From the left you have Hiromi, me looking stupid in a way I didn't know I was, Brandon, Naomi, Karen, and Uchi. I think Naomi liked me...she blew off Brandon and then said that if I see her on campus to call her. That's also the first of the two temples we went to.

    And for the record...I think Naomi really liked me. She blew off Brandon, and said that if I ever saw her on campus to call her out and say hi. And also for the record...her and Hiromi were DAMNED cute and hawt.

    That's what we were standing next to. Before you enter, you have to clense yourself by rinsing your hands and then your mouth out. You don't drink the water, but like rinse and spit into the pit surrounding it where it's taken away.

    First shrine in the temple.

    That one was right next to it. When taking a picture in Japan, it's customary to hold up the peace sign.

    Another shrine.

    That was across from the shrines. I have no idea what it is...

    That was next to the shrines. It's another shrine, but Shinto.

    That's a huge place in the middle of the area. Don't know what it's used for, but I believe ceremonial dancing. Next to it is a prayer area they had us goto and pray at. You toss a coin in, ring the bell, clap twice, then pray. Heh, kinda cool.

    Hiromi took a picture of me infront of man-powered taxis. This was at the base of the 2nd temple area we went to.

    That's Hiromi and I infront of the entrance to the 2nd temple. That red area you see is what you pass through. Inside the green lattice are these huge statues with O_O eyes. I would have taken a picture, but it wouldn't have turned out.

    Cleaner shot of the last one.

    Third shot of the last one minus Hiromi and I.

    That was a cool building that you see after climbing the first set of stairs.

    The building next to it.

    Info on the area.

    Inside of another shrine. Pictures got a bit blurred since I wasn't using my flash.

    Some statue in that area.

    At this area, they had an overhang that you could look over. That's the view there.

    Another shot if the view.

    Third shot.

    Shrine across the way.

    ANOTHER shot of the view.

    Building close-up from off in the distance.

    Closer close-up.

    Hiromi and I on that overhang. Behind us are Naomi and Uchi.

    Picture of...something...

    A VERY cool staircase we went down.

    Now this is cool. A long time ago, a monk had talked with the Gods, who told him to go find a holy water site. He found a spring here with fresh water, so he decided this was the place. Now adays, it's an attraction to come and drink this holy water for good health and spirit. And in truth...best water I've ever had.

    Hiromi and I infront of a pond that had koi and turtles in it. When I saw the turtles, I was like, "Gamera!" and she thought it was hilarious. Beautiful scenary here...

    So yeah, there's my pics. I'll take more soon.

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    2. Jordan


      DJ_Haruko said:

      If you ask me, Japan looks like Japan in anime

      ya.. when they yell does the background go all goofy then their heads get really really big... cause if so, im moving there..

      Danarchy said:

      An American going to Japan and taking a lot of pictures. Oh the irony.

      yah, i know what you mean, my sister saw people taking pictures infront of a mcdonalds for like 20 minutes.. wow.. how exciting

    3. darknation


      DJ_Haruko said:

      Hiromi and I infront of a pond that had koi and turtles in it. When I saw the turtles, I was like, "Gamera!" and she thought it was hilarious. Beautiful scenary here...

      So yeah, there's my pics. I'll take more soon.

      Is it customary for japanese women to hold their sanitary towels in open view?

    4. Sephiroth


      one thing you must tell me about this land is... what does whale bacon taste like? i have grown tired of this "pig" bacon and would like to try the bacon of other animals.

      i hear they sell whale bacon, so if i ever go there and they still sell it i want to try it.

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  18. Well, this is it. Tomorrow morning, at like 5:30am, I head to the airport. And at 8:45, I'll be on a plane over to LAX, where I'll transfer to another and be on my way to Japan.

    Am I nervous? Hell yeah I am. I can barely imagine any of this. I had a dream this morning that I got on the plane, fell asleep, and woke up in Kansai Gaidai's dorms. I somehow missed transferring planes, getting off, getting my luggage, and all that other stuff. But arrived there safely. But without Luggage, so I was having to try and find it.

    Anyways, with me luck everyone. I return in 3.5 months, when I'll go back to Doom3 editing.

    1. Danarchy


      Grazza said:

      For some reason, your worries about the flight reminded me of this.

      From the article:
      Last year I booked a trip to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and ended up in Australia. Can you imagine how aggrieved I was? Couldn't get a decent lobster anywhere - the pick-up trucks were a waste of time and the bears were no bigger than a pillow.
      Bob Smith, Scotland

      Post of the year.

      Heh, too bad they didn't end up in Sydney, BC. Then they could have visited Victoria, Vancouver, the Bochart Gardens, and possibly even Seattle.

      Not that there actualy is an airport in Sydney, BC, but still...

    2. deathz0r


      Danarchy said:
      From the article:
      Last year I booked a trip to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and ended up in Australia. Can you imagine how aggrieved I was?
      Bob Smith, Scotland

      Hey, I would be too if I had to live in Sydney. That place reeks of weirdos and psychos.

    3. Gokuma


      While you're in Japan I seriously recommend checking old used game shops. More than once I've heard all kinds of old console system games are easily available for cheap that otherwise freaking no importers will bring to the US except for a few rare occasions for obscene prices. I'd personally grab a load of Technos games for Famicom, Super Famicom, PCE-Engine Duo, and Gameboy and probably some Japanese hardware including multiplayer stuff while I'm at it (8-bit FC requires different MP hardware than US NES).

      Heh, does the "fun" rating of those airports mean the most danger? I've heard Peru is one of the most dangerous in the world because at the end of the runway is just a cliff so if a plane doesn't stop in time or take off in time, see ya.

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  19. Went to the mall this morning and played some DDR yet again. Good news! The 8th Mix machine that's there now costs 4 tokens for 5 songs! And from what I gather after talking with the arcade operators a bit while I was there, they're waiting on parts for their 7th mix machine. Apparently some dumbass spilled a drink on it. Idiots...

    But I'm thinking I shouldn't have played DDR today. I did Friday night, practicing Max300 alot, getting to a point where I can at least survive all the way through it at full speed (can't pass it...but I can make it through without stopping). Yesterday my right foot started to feel rather sore in the afternoon, right above my arch. I figured it was just sore from the DDR, so I took an Advil. Didn't help, so before I went to bed, I rubbed Icy Hot on it, which proved to neither be Icy nor Hot. This morning I woke up and it was a bit more sore. I still went to play DDR at the mall, where I did five sets. On one of them, I slipped off the platform (between songs...not during one!). When I was done, it was extremely sore. I went home, took a shower, and this time rubbed Ben-Gay on it (which proved to work alot better than the Icy Hot in being both Icy and Hot). After my mom and I got back from lunch at Dà Lạt, I *limped* downstairs, sat down, and stayed there for a while. When I went to goto the bathroom, I felt a slight squishy squishy liquidy feeling where the pain is.

    The squishy feeling now only happens as I move my toes, and almost feels like something's rubbing in there.

    1. darknation


      DJ_Haruko said:

      Already did that in the arcade with one girl :)

      well, think of it this way. When your foot collapses and you get amputated, you can REALLY impress her by doing DDR on the highest difficulty setting. With one leg.

      Nothing impresses the ladies like a rabid hopping spastic.

    2. Ichor


      Maybe you can be like this guy.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Ichor said:

      Maybe you can be like this guy.

      Heh, I have that saved on my HD. It's quite inspiring at times. The song's "Stomp To My Beat" by JS16, and I think he did it on standard difficulty. Quite impressive!

      Doing the hardest DDR song, which is about 320bpm, on the hardest difficulty (which averages out to about 5-7 steps per second) would be instant death to most anyone...sounds liek something I would do, though. Then again, I hurt my foot doing a 300bpm one on the hardest difficulty.

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  20. --Written since I was bored.--

    So with only a week left before I leave for Japan (plane takes off at 8:45 Mountain Time on the 22nd), I decided it may be a good idea to actually back up data on my HD. Since there's no way in hell I'm shipping my desktop to a tiny dorm room in Japan (partly for cost, partly for possible damage, and partly for lack of room there), I'm taking my laptop instead. I was going to take an external HD, but after the case started acting up and introducing CRC errors, I took the drive out and made it an internal one on my desktop. Not wanting to be without music, StepMania (my DDR emulator), pictures of friends and my Love, and my other documents, I decided to burn them all to CDs and take them over that way.

    The result? Only 20 cds to burn, but $114 out of my pocket.

    I love my laptop to death. It's one of the most valued things I have. But boy do I hate the CD-ROMs Toshiba puts in them (Matushita drives). I'm working on killing my 3rd one already. So rather than be stuck with 20 coasters in Japan, I put $80 down on the table for a new external CD-RW drive.

    This will prove to be interesting. My laptop has only USB 1.1 (though 2.0 only drives still work...), the drive has no firewire like I wanted (those started at $100), and 1.1 will probably perform like crap with it.

    Now lets hope customs/security doesn't have a problem with me bringing in so many CDs, as I'll have more outside these 20 I'm burning now. Shouldn't...but being that this is my first time flying and I've never been through the motions of all this, I'm being rather paranoid about everything.

    1. SYS


      As long as you don't have anything you shouldn't have, or joke around about highjacking the plane, making threats, talking about explosive devices you'll have a relaxing flight. Bring some great reading material and maybe some tunes, you'll be fine. Have fun. $80 to burn 20cds? That isn't the cost you paid for blanks was it?

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      POTGIESSER said:

      Bring some great reading material and maybe some tunes, you'll be fine. Have fun. $80 to burn 20cds? That isn't the cost you paid for blanks was it?

      I plan on taking my laptop, GBA SP (with Advanced Wars!), mp3 player, and NeoGeo Pocket with my strip mahjongg game with me, so I should keep etertained for the 13 hour flight.

      The $80 was for the drive. $25 for a 50 pack of black CD-Rs. A bit expensive compared to more normal CD-Rs, but I really love the black ones that look like PSX discs. They end up having better UV protection, which is good since CDs end up being in my car 98% of their lifetime.

  21. Call it obsession or call it enthusiasm.

    Today's one of those days that I both love and hate. Days like today are ones where I have an extreme urge to go play some DDR, to a point where I'm tempted to just start practicing patters while standing in line at Subway for lunch. I love them 'cause usually when I feel like this, I play the game extremely well. I hate them 'cause I can't always play the game. Today, fortunately, is looking good though. I'll either play it at Fat City tonight (where I might be able to pwnz0r some n00bs) or at home.

    Part of this mood came on today 'cause of Dunbar (thanks dude). It got me thinking about how many aliases Naoki goes by. Naoki is leader of Konami AM's Internal Sound Team and has contributed tons of songs to DDR. Taken from http://www.cheatcc.com/psx2/sg/ddrmax.txt :

    Q: Just who is NAOKI?

    A: Naoki Maeda has been with Konami for many years. The name is a psuedonym
    (Naoki M is an anagram for Konami). He is the leader of Konami AM Internal
    Sound Team, who are in charge of coming up with songs for each new DDR
    release. He's responsible for many songs throughout DDR-dom, under lots of
    artist names. He also has the support of other artists, such as Paula Terry,
    Thomas Howard, and Aaron G. His artist names include, but are not limited
    to: Omega (the symbol), 8bit, 180, 190, 190', 200, 270, 290, BLUE DESTROYERS,
    d-complex, D.J.RICH feat. TailBros, DE-SIRE, DIVAS, FACTOR-X, KTz, Luv
    UNLIMITED, mitsu-O!, N&S, N.M.R, NAOKI, NAOKI 190, NAOKI underground, NM,
    NO.9, NW260, RE-VENGE, RevenG, Stone Bros., UZI-LAY, Z, ZZ. Some of these are
    not actually names for Naoki, but sometimes artists he's used for vocals in
    the songs.

    Well, after reading that, I kept scrolling down and evenutally found that what I was looking at was a strategy guide. So I kept looking, found one of my favorite songs, "So Deep - Perfect Sphere Mix", and then it just took off from there. I read both the MAX2 and MAX guides. One particular interesting thing I found was this (the lyrics and explination of them for a song called "Sana Morette Ne Ente"):

    Lyrics: (English words are capitalized)

    watashi no kare wa Double Play suki
    isshoni Append de asonde itai no ni...

    jikochuu~ jikoman~
    jikochuu~ jikoman~

    Beat Synchronize de kono mama doukishite
    Beat Shock de soko o furuwasete ne

    kaikan~ daikan~
    kaikan~ daikan~

    Ahh... taka naru mune (Hi-speed de)
    Ahh, Mmm... koi ha Hidden Mode
    ...soshite Survival...


    watashi no kare wa Double Play suki
    watashi no kare wa hidari kiki ja nai...

    English Translation:

    My boyfriend loves double play,
    He only wants to play Append.

    Inside himself~ He's full of pride~
    Inside himself~ He's full of pride~

    He synchronized the beat sync like this,
    He shook it with the beat shock.

    Cheerful Pleasure~ Substantial Pleasure~
    Cheerful Pleasure~ Substantial Pleasure~

    Ahh...High-beating heart(Of High-Speed),
    Ahh, Mmm... Love is Hidden Mode,
    ...And Survival...

    Sana mollete ne ente e yen gaya,
    Sana mollete ne ente,
    Sana mollete ne ente e yen gaya,
    Sana mollete ne ente,

    My boyfriend likes double play,
    He is not left-handed.


    Song Type: Konami Original
    First Appearance: Beatmania APPEND GOTTAMIX 2 -Going Global- (JP PS1)
    DDR Debut: DDR 5th Mix (Arcade)
    American Appearances: DDR Ultramix
    Artist Notes: Hiroyuki Togo is another Konami Original artist. Most of his
    projects are with the vocalist Sana.
    Misc. Notes: There has been some confusion about this song's title. Long
    story short, the real title is "SANA MOLLETE NE ENTE". People who know
    Japanese will notice that the song's title is in katakana, the character
    library used to describe foreign words. In proper practice, if you were
    translating something from katakana back to Roman letters (called "romaji"),
    you would spell it out properly in its native language (for instance, the
    katakana for "video game" would be translated back to "video game" in
    romaji, not "bideo geemu"). So, in truth, this song SHOULD be its true
    title, not a literal translation of the katakana.
    -The "B.L.T. Style" of this song is in DDR Ultramix.
    -Well, we're assuming that "Sana Mollete Ne Ente" is Spanish. I played around
    with Babelfish, and it seems that it roughly translates (with some fiddling
    around with the Japanese structure) to "The grind heals the being". Make
    what you will of that...
    -In case you're unaware, the song itself is some girl complaining about how
    much her boyfriend plays Beatmania... :-P

    I underlined the most interesting part.

    So that got me laughing and wanting to play that song yet again (I mean, come on...Japanese bossa nova songs rule).

    Then I found the song "Rhythm & Police (K.O.G G3 Mix)". Now this has to be one of the coolest, most kick-ass songs ever. And then came this cool tidbit:

    Rhythm & Police was an old Japanese cop show (currently not airing). The
    title graphic for the show looks much the same as the background we have
    here in the game (except they didn't use the silhouettes of DDR characters).

    So between these cool tidbits I found, Dunbar, having Rhythm & Police now stuck in my head, looking for Rhythm & Police DVDs on amazon.co.jp (found some, too), reading these guides, and seeing arrows before my eyes without the aid of a computer or tv screen, I really really need to play DDR today.

  22. First off, whoever made my arrow scroll, it's going in the wrong direction. Arrows don't scroll down, they scroll up, lol
    EDIT: Hehe, thanks.

    I can't believe that I'm a little less than a month away from going to Japan. Tomorrow I go and get my visa from the Japanese consulate.

    I'm not sure how I'll handle some of the things there, mainly living on my own in a dorm. For the past two years at college, I've lived at home for various reasons. If anyone as suggestions to make this easier, as well as lessen the culture shock, it'd be nice.

    1. Lizardcommando


      Man, you're lucky. I haven't been to Japan in about three or four years. To me, the atmosphere (especially in Tokyo) is awesome! I wish I can go to Japan so I can check out the Tokyo Game Show! Ooh man, I hope Konami shows a new MGS3 trailer at TGS.

    2. rf`


      Danarchy said:

      and I'm pretty sure they are somewhat responsible for the whole furry thing.

      I think you're right. I think you're wrong.

    3. Danarchy


      ravage said:

      I think you're right. I think you're wrong.


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  23. Since my iPod decided to up and die (not the batterie, either...the HD), and I don't have money or time to get it fixed before I head off to Japan, I decided to break out my oldschool one. It's an old RCA Lyra (the first ones, the RD2204A), and originally came with a single 64mb Compact Flash card. I've since bought a 2nd 64mb CF card and the 16mb one that I have for my camera.

    But man, even though this thing is at least six years old or so, I swear I can't bust it. I've dropped it countless times, carry it around with me in my pocket and backpack, dropped it in my pool, left it in the heat of the sun, and yet it still works like new. Doesn't look like it now (needs a repainting), but it still works great. And it sounds great, too. I never have had a problem sound-wise with it (I forgot what the maximum mp3 quality it can use is, but I leave them at 128k simply for space), and like the fact I can use CF cards with it. It used to support the RealPlayer G4 format, but now also supports wma files.

    So, looks like I'll be taking it with me to Japan and using it as my primary music source there. I'll probably just archive all my mp3s to either CDs or DVDs (probably DVDs since I have almost 24gigs), then pull them off the CD and onto the Lyra as I need them. The only bad thing is that you can't just place an mp3 onto it. You need to do a slight format conversion (which, as far as I can tell, is just an extension and header change).

    Yes, I love my little Lyra. I have a feeling it won't die for quite a while.

    1. pritch


      I have a 64mb NAPA that won't die either. It uses smart media expansion though.

    2. Sephiroth


      tells you who really has the better product.

      they fixed the whole battery thing with the ipods. still i am not gonna pay that much for a music player. hell there is a lyra player at work for about the same price as an ipod... an you can watch movies on it.
      i dont see what an ipod has over everything else, well a bunch of overpriced accesories and some PDA like functions. i dont care what reviews say, they can be bought. this is from experince in a large retail store that sells them. 8 out of ten returned mp3 players are ipods.

      honestly the minidisk players seem more economical. the disks are cheap, it takes abuse and at under $100 you can hold 650MB worth of MP3 (and other formats like ogg) music.

      though you may still be under warrenty with your ipod. if you bought it at a place that offered a service plan, and you bought the plan, then check back with them

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Yeah, it's under warranty, except for shipping. And it's the shipping I can't afford now that I found out I'm about $800 short for Japan.

  24. I'm rather stumped, and since I'm trying to get as much information as I can, I figured I'd ask here as well as other people.

    I've got a 1992 Subaru Legacy Turbo that won't start. The engine acts like it wants to, but doesn't start. Sometimes it almost starts, but doesn't.

    The battery is good and has a good connection. It isn't flooded either, as I let it sit overnight before trying it again. I replaced the fuel filter today just to be on the safe side, but it's not starting yet.

    My grandpa and friend both thought it seemed like it wasn't gettting enough fuel.


    And yes, not only do I come to Doomworld for physics questions, but also for car questions ;)

    1. Quast


      You don't happen to have some type of anti-theft device on this car do you?

      It almost starts? So it's turning over then right?

      I'd say check your spark plugs first.

    2. Gokuma


      Make sure you're not out of cells.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I called a place up earlier today and it sounds like it may be the crankshaft position sensor. I was thinking this myself, but had no way of testing it.

      It seems to be getting a spark, however.

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  25. Semi-rant, semi-vent ahead! Use caution!

    About two weeks ago, my friend and I got into an argument. The girl I have been trying to date since I met her last year, I found out, has been dating someone for a while now and never let me know. Given the kinds of things I had been doing for her (buying her lunch, gifts, and things, as well as helping her out whenever I could, and other ways I could think of to show my affection), I felt rather played and used. Whether or not my feeling that way was right or not isn't an issue now. I felt it, and that's that. But rather, I found this interesting.

    Both of us have LiveJournals. When we had our fight, I took her off my LJ's friends list and deleted one of her comments on a then recent post. Part of my intention in doing so was to let her know that I wasn't interested in hanging around her anymore. Also, there's been numerous times where we've fought because she was treating me crappy before, so these memories further pushed me to do this. Another reason I had for removing her and her comments was that I just simply did not want to interact with her anymore on that level. I had felt that it was time for this to occure.

    She noticed and it prompted her to start sending me e-mails. We exchanged some, talked our argument through more (we had done so briefly just before she left the dorms for the summer at school), and she made it clear to me that she was refusing to loose me as a friend. She kept telling me how stubborn she was and that she'd fight it out to the end. She planned on comming down to my house, knocking on my door, and talking there if she really needed to. So she was rather serious about this. Most of this she was even telling me in person before I left school (had to talk to her, she had my DJ Dara CD and a Japanese grammar book of mine). Even so, I had made up my mind, including a bit of my own stubborness in the mix as well.

    So as I was sitting here waiting for Motoko (my 120gb HD...yes I have named it) to finish running defrag and scandisk, I poked around my IE favorites for a while and found her LJ. Seems funny how she swore all that about refusing to loose me and such, yet has now taken me off her LJ friends list as well. She also stopped sending e-mails 10 days ago, and hasn't sent me a single AIM instant message since before school ended. Guess 10 days (might be less, dunno) goes past the part about her claiming to be extremely stubborn. Quite amuzing.

    1. Ralphis


      You have every right to be angry. Girls do that shit.

    2. Bucket


      Like sands through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      zarkyb said:

      If you were never really an item or anything then you don't really have any reason to be pissed with her. It's not like you were dating. I don't see the problem here. Sure if it happened to me i'd be a little pissed but I would have no right to be angry at her.

      Well, there's alot more to it. She was actually acting like she was wanting to date me. Like, hugging me alot, we had kissed a few times before, took a nap together once, and such. And then there were times where she also did stuff that I found to be just plain disrespectful, so all of it kind of added up, but I don't feel like getting into those 20 minutes after I wake up.

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