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  1. Tattoo #3, got it just today. It's the older Skinny Puppy logo for those who don't know.

    I'm hoping to get another one next month, and a few others by the end of the year.

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    2. YukiRaven


      I don't work anymore (I'm going on disability). So actually, it's more like "when I get some other things out of the way first".

    3. Use


      Oh I know, that's why I brought it up, I figured you were feeling better and getting back into the game, I mean you typically don't see those with debilitating anxiety getting tattoos...sitting in a chair getting prodded by a stranger for a couple hours..hell that's not a whole lot different than a part time job.

    4. YukiRaven


      Anxiety can take on a ton of different forms, and can be triggered by just about any combination of things.

      I basically make sure to get a tattoo on a "good day", which are quite uncommon. Plus, the physical pain is sometimes a release. This is why some people cut.