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  1. I'm starting to think I have just a few too many projects going on.  There's my current Doom WAD, Shadows of The Nightmare Realm; a game I'm trying to program; a music album I'm working on; another music album I just started with a friend; and a bunch of 40K minis I'm trying to get painted.  Part of me is itching to get another Doom project started once SoTNR is done, but this probably isn't a good idea, and I feel like I should instead work on clearing my queue.


    I really need to learn how to organize my ideas and projects better lol.  Suggestions on how to do so anyone?

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Have a "this is currently going on list" in the back of your head. Have a rough time estimate at the ready as well as an estimation as to how much more time you can comfortably spend. It will make you say "no" to certain things at times. Which for me personally doesn't always feel "fine", in case I need to say no, but it prevents me from burning myself out.

      It's difficult, though. Because anything creative is also very emotional, there's a conflict with the logical flow of time. If that makes any sense. Here's hoping this helped.

    2. YukiRaven


      That makes total sense.  There are times when I'm in a music writing mood, but have no time for it.  Then when I do, I'm not in the mood to write music.  There's always the need to push through mental blocks, sure, but damn if time doesn't always work with me :-P

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Time is a heartless mistress.