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  1. I think I'll rename Shadows of The Nightmare Realm to "YukiRaven Plays Too Much Quake and Listens To Lustmord"



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    2. ShoDemo


      I wouldn't mess with that BFG kitten. :D

      Also, this is otherworldly. Rarely have I seen lighting used this way before. Be sure, I will be looking forward to this wad. Good luck on this project of yours and may a Cacoward become yours. I think it would be worth it, just from looking at the screenshots.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      ^Check out "extreme terror" if you haven't already. It makes for a nice GZDoom experience. Gameplaywise exterror is somewhat different from what you'd normally see, which is something you will need to adapt to. Once you're familiar with it, it's highly enjoyable.

    4. YukiRaven


      Thank you @ShotgunDemolition ^_^


      Yeah, the lighting is just a continuation of what I did in my previous map, Extreme Terror.  Except this time I took it further.