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  1. *needs to remove unused textures from a pk3 file*


    *Opens up Emacs*


    *Starts SLIME, loads up her Waddle library*


    *Types up some Common Lisp REPL fun*

    (let ((textures (check-for-unused-textures-in-wads
                     "/home/alexa/storage/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax.pk3"
                     '("textures/redsky1.png" "textures/underwater.png"
                       "textures/q1hrtex/cop1_2.png" "textures/QFLAT07.png"
                     #P"/home/alexa/storage/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax-start.wad"
                     #P"/home/alexa/storage/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax01.wad"
                     #P"/home/alexa/storage/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax02.wad"
                     #P"/home/alexa/storage/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax03.wad"
                     #P"/home/alexa/storage/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax04.wad"
                     #P"/home/alexa/storage/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax31.wad")))
      (format t "~%** Found ~a unused textures~%" (length textures))
      (format t "Writing textures to output file and modifying pk3~%")
      (with-open-file (out #P"/mnt/storage/alexa-extended/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/unused-textures.txt"
                           :direction :output
                           :if-exists :supersede :if-does-not-exist :create)
        (loop for tex across textures
           do (progn
                (write-line tex out)
                 "zip" (list "-d" "/mnt/storage/alexa-extended/bin/games/doom/Mine/Heretic Map/corax.pk3" tex)
                 :search t :wait t
                 :output *standard-output*)))))


    And that's how I optimized SoTNR's pk3 in just a few minutes :D  I really need to wrap that in a command line program someday.


    Speaking of which, I've gotten a lot of things in the past few days, so SoTNR is now 95-98% done.  All that's left is:

    • More playtesting and last-minute tweaking
    • Text file proofreading
    • Music tweaks
    • Tweak some brightmaps
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    2. DoctorGenesis


      What's SLIME?

    3. YukiRaven


      "Superior Lisp Interaction Mode or Emacs".  It essentially turns Emacs into a Common Lisp IDE on steroids. 

    4. DoctorGenesis


      @YukiRaven Huh, that's rather interesting.