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  1. What a crappy week.


    So far, in the first eight days of this month, I've been in the ER twice with ear pain that was never diagnosed, I had to help my mom out when she ended up in the ER with pneumonia, I've had neck spasms caused by severe anxiety, I had my desktop's power supply die, and I had a cat get scared by a very loud firework and pee all over my couch.  At least I finally found out I have an ear infection and was finally given something for it.


    So yeah, no mapping for me for a while until my life unsuckifies.

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    2. MrGlide


      I'm sorry so much shit is happening right now Yuki, I really do hope both you and your mother feel better. I wish there was a way I could help, but can't think of any. Best wishes.

    3. R1ck
    4. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      That sounds like the definition of a 'hell week' as I call 'em, basically nothing goes right once, not ever, because the powers that be say so. Wish you well!