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  1. I spent most of today redoing the lighting for my (still unnamed) Quake level so that it's a bit closer to that trippy color-filled style of my Doom maps.  The levels and delay/wait settings on all the lights were also tweaked quite a bit, as was the settings I'm passing to the "light" program.  Overall, I'm pleased with the results ^_^


    Not all of the work today was spent on lighting, though.  The path to the first key is now complete, some additional detailing was done, and I learned how to do an AND logic gate using only the built-in entities.... which was then scrapped when I changed my mind about some monsters :-P  All of the combat leading up to the first key is also finished and fairly well balanced.  It still needs a lot more testing to be sure, though.


    Newest screens:















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    2. everennui


      So I just downloaded it... wow. I'm already lost. haha

    3. YukiRaven


      Uhh, probably windows vista or higher and anything more powerful than a leafblower should run it.  I ran it successfully on a core i3 with a graphics chip that couldn't do more than OpenGL v1.1, so it has very modest requirements.

    4. YukiRaven


      Hit me up if you need help getting started :-P