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  1. So, I'm working on a v1.1 release of Umbra of Fate.  Changes that I know will appear:

    • Boss fights will be less chewy/grindy (though an option exists to use the old mechanics, too)
    • You can disable the fog sprites for better performance
    • You can disable most of the ground clutter for better performance
    • Bugs in the final boss will be fixed.  These are ones that I swear I never encountered in my original testing.  Then everyone started reporting them.  Then I started experiencing them every time 0_o
    • You can change the fog alpha to your desire
    • You can disable some or all of the hint messages so that it's less hand-holdy ("Center switch is now powered", "A door has opened in X", etc.)
    • Removed a useless shader that was being applied to the fog sprites.  Derp.
    • Minor things I noticed long after release

    If anyone has any other suggestions, now is the time for them!  No guarantees they'll be implemented, but I'll consider them.