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  1. Choose a face.

    I got my new 120gig, 7200rpm Western Digital Special Edition hard drive today. Installed it in a Bafo external box and hooked it up via firewire. Wow...I've never had this much space before! So happy...

    Linux is now working fine. I usually boot into that, save for the occasional boot into Windows to view vids, use MSN, and play some games. I'm liking Gnome very much, and am finding Linux addicting.

    I get to work all this weekend :(. But, Sunday, Chuck also works, so /me and Chuck are playin' DDR with my pad :).

    An ├╝ber-hot Chinese girl came into work today to see if she could use a printer. Normally, we don't let them, but...it amazes me what men do for women. Damn, should have asked for her name and number ::hits head with hand::

    MUSH-wise, we had a private Mush going until someone came up with the idea of a treaty between Shoreside and 8Bit. Some 8Bit-ers came over, started acting like they owned the place, tried to do their little "civilization" thing on us, so we asked them to leave/stop. They didn't, so we tried banning them. No luck. So then, 8Bit declared war on Shoreside. Great, now I'm in the middle of a war, and my job on the mush is the night club's DJ. What am I going to do, throw records at them and try to stab them with my needles? ::shakes head:: But, in any case, Chuck wants to try the Mush now, which will be cool. Wonder if his char will be a male or female...