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  1. At least the king here at my work place...

    I have just passed Sakura on maniac (10-foot) with a C in StepMania (DDR emulator). Hell. Yes. Time to get the A now...

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    2. YukiRaven


      Darkstalker said:

      What difficulty you put SM at ? A on Sakura is normal for me now AAing is a whole different story though :P.

      I put SM on maniac. I did Sakura on double-maniac (the 10-foot version).

      I haven't tried any 8th mix songs in the arcade yet.

      I did also do Era, Kick the Can, and Bust-A-Groove with AAs today, though, on maniac in SM. We'll see how good I do w/a real pad tomorrow when I take my psx and pad to work.

    3. Darkstalker


      Heh I was talking about the judge and life difficulty :P Between SM default diffucutly and the arcade, the arcade is much tougher.I don't play much double since it cost more at the arcade but at home I can pass most of the songs at maniac. Paranoia Max is my fav but I fail miserably when I'm on a metal pad :(

      Heh where do you work to bring a pad and a psx O_o ? I could never do that where I work, it would be fun though.

    4. YukiRaven


      I actually find the arcade the easiest...lol. But I have it on default difficulty.

      I did, however, just now pass Matsuri Japan on Maniac with a PSX pad with a B for the first time. I'm so much on a high now, :-D

      I work at The University of Denver's du.edu/uts/multimedia]Multimedia Services. It's so slow on weekends during the summer...so nice...