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  1. So, I got back from QuakeCon late Monday night. Spent yesterday resting up and running some important errands, and today I'm back at work. It doesn't even seem like I was on vacation.

    QuakeCon was great fun, though. Got some cool rounds of Quake3 and UT2003 in, as well as some jDoom. heh, I totally pw0n3d the dudes I played on jDoom. As I told my friend besides me, "Don't f*** with someone from Doomworld" (my opponents didn't know of it). I also found out that I greatly love playing Generations Quake 3 (as the Doomguy, of course). I almost owned my friend at that, but I got a bit too cocky near the end, lol

    Here's a few pics of me at QuakeCon:

    Me on DDR. I H.A.T.E.D. those pads, btw.

    Me playing jDoom.

    Dallas was a cool place to be in. Except that we couldn't stand the highways/drivers there. But, it was a cool trip. I especially liked travelling through New Mexico. Though, by the end of the trip, my friend Matt had thouroughly gotten on my nerves.

    I'll be ordering my new Alienware Area 51 comp today. Can't wait to get it!

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    2. zark


      TeamKill said:

      Me playing jDoom.

      I'm sorry :( We feel your pain.

    3. YukiRaven


      zarcyb said:

      I'm sorry :( We feel your pain.

      Eh? jDoom's my favorite.

    4. Guest


      TeamKill said:

      16+ hour drive anyone? Non-stop?

      What? thats it? I do that standing on my head (ive done several drives down to that oh so wonderful town of Keene Tx, just outside of dallas/ft worth)

      hehe, first post, and im taunting you, what fun? =P