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  1. So, just saw "Kill Bill" tonight. I, honestly, would like to see more violence (including violence that is more gruesome) in the next one.

    Other than that, I thought it was a brilliant film. I'll have to get the DVD the day it comes out. I think I have a new favorite.

    Your opinions?

    And I wish I had a poll...with the options "Not violent enough, but liked it", "Not violent enough, didn't like it", "Violent enough, liked it", "Violent enough and liked it", "Haven't seen it yet", "You're insane for wanting more violence in that movie", "Kill Bill?"...

    1. Zell


      kill me? ok *pulls out shotgun*

      But seriously, I haven't seen it yet. Is it worth the 7 dollars? I barely go to movies and Im about to go and I want to see something worth while. :D