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  1. heh, so a few weeks ago, some foregin exchange students from Japan came into our Japanese class to speak English with us (and for us to speak Japanese with them). In the process, I kinda asked one of the Japanese girls out.

    So, today we're supposed to go out at 12:30 for lunch (She leaves Wednesday). Of course, in the e-mail she wrote, she included some Japanese. Japanese that I couldn't understand:

    ‰½‚©@‚ ‚Á‚½‚ç@‚ê‚ñ‚ç‚­@‰º‚³‚¢B

    Or for those w/o Japanese text, "Nanika attara renraku kudasai". Ok, I know "nanika" means "something" and that "Kudasai" means it's a sort of polite command (Please do this...). Couldn't find the other words in my book, so I went to Babelfish. Here's its translation:

    When something it is, the ‚ê it is and others the ‚­.

    WTF? Hope it isn't too important, lol

    EDIT: To see the hiragana/kanji, you'll have to change the encoding to Japanese (Auto-select). Right-click the page.

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    2. YukiRaven


      Job said:

      Serious? I've got like $630 bucks on hand right now. I'm all about teh mail order Asian brides.

      Let me know the pricings on them, k? I can go up to $2000

    3. Job


      TeamKill said:

      Let me know the pricings on them, k? I can go up to $2000

      I bet we don't even need the money. They'll probably come here just for the citizenship.

    4. Danarchy


      Zell said:

      XD that happend on clerks

      I know, Zell. I know.