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  1. Growing up, I never really did sports. Nor have I ever really understood many of the phrases or people associated with them. A good example is the phrase "No pain, no gain." I would always think that if it hurt, you should stop. When it didn't hurt, you were doing good.

    Tonight, it suddenly occured to me what it truely means. I can't really describe it, only the situation I'm in right now (my heart rate's too high, so I have to take a break). Behind me is my TV, PS2, and my DDR pad (modded and placed on a piece of plywood for a close-to-arcade feel). On the screen the words "Max 300" with the Omega symbol below it glow. To the right, the Maniac difficulty level mocks my latest attempt. Each time I play it, I get a little further to top-speed and my goal, a "B".

    555 steps at 300bpm in a minute and a half, averaging out to 6.166... steps per second. If I set the speed to 3 out of 5, I can get an A. With it on 4 out of 5, usually an E, but occasionally a B if I pay attention. Step Chart.

    Oh yes, I hurt. The fact that I have a bad head-cold, asthema, sore eyes, a scratchy throat, and a big kanji test tomorrow isn't keeping me down.

    But damn it, I know what they mean by "no pain, no gain" now.

    Edit: I know it even moreso now. I just did Healing Vision Angelic Mix, for the first time ever, on Maniac and passed.

    1. Melfice


      Oh I know pain but without the gain as my fucking left shoulder throbs at this moment, a reminder of how stupid trying to be "physical" can be.