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  1. But, it's not on Lain (my Alienware). Instead I upgraded Sakura again (she's my other desktop computer. My laptop's named Misato). Now she is no longer a Pentium running at 120mHz. No....instead she's a Pentium running at 233mHz with MMX technology! Blazin' fast, I tell ya. It's nice not to see the mouse lag a bit, Windows to operate smoothly, and I'm sure the games that I run on it will run nicely now. So now I no longer have a case-modded 120, but rather a case-modded P5 233 with four fans, heh.

    My next upgrade is either going to be with some X10 equipment (automate my lights!), a new HD (external again), another gig of RAM for Lain (she already has 1 gig DDR400), a new graphics card for my mom's comp (GeForce 2 MX maybe since they're cheap, or a GeForce 4), wireless access point (doubtful), 2nd small internal HD for Linux on Lain, or a Cray supercomputer.