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  1. Well, this is it. Tomorrow morning, at like 5:30am, I head to the airport. And at 8:45, I'll be on a plane over to LAX, where I'll transfer to another and be on my way to Japan.

    Am I nervous? Hell yeah I am. I can barely imagine any of this. I had a dream this morning that I got on the plane, fell asleep, and woke up in Kansai Gaidai's dorms. I somehow missed transferring planes, getting off, getting my luggage, and all that other stuff. But arrived there safely. But without Luggage, so I was having to try and find it.

    Anyways, with me luck everyone. I return in 3.5 months, when I'll go back to Doom3 editing.

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    2. Danarchy


      Grazza said:

      For some reason, your worries about the flight reminded me of this.

      From the article:
      Last year I booked a trip to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and ended up in Australia. Can you imagine how aggrieved I was? Couldn't get a decent lobster anywhere - the pick-up trucks were a waste of time and the bears were no bigger than a pillow.
      Bob Smith, Scotland

      Post of the year.

      Heh, too bad they didn't end up in Sydney, BC. Then they could have visited Victoria, Vancouver, the Bochart Gardens, and possibly even Seattle.

      Not that there actualy is an airport in Sydney, BC, but still...

    3. deathz0r


      Danarchy said:
      From the article:
      Last year I booked a trip to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and ended up in Australia. Can you imagine how aggrieved I was?
      Bob Smith, Scotland

      Hey, I would be too if I had to live in Sydney. That place reeks of weirdos and psychos.

    4. Gokuma


      While you're in Japan I seriously recommend checking old used game shops. More than once I've heard all kinds of old console system games are easily available for cheap that otherwise freaking no importers will bring to the US except for a few rare occasions for obscene prices. I'd personally grab a load of Technos games for Famicom, Super Famicom, PCE-Engine Duo, and Gameboy and probably some Japanese hardware including multiplayer stuff while I'm at it (8-bit FC requires different MP hardware than US NES).

      Heh, does the "fun" rating of those airports mean the most danger? I've heard Peru is one of the most dangerous in the world because at the end of the runway is just a cliff so if a plane doesn't stop in time or take off in time, see ya.