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  1. This is going to be a hard one as I have very little to go on except my memories of this one. Sorry in advance for this.

    I'm looking for a midi file. I can't remember the name of the artist who wrote it. I believe it was called "Synthetic Protocol", and the file I had was simply called 16.mid. The artist also wrote one that was called, i believe, "Across the River Charon" and other that used three channels each with the standard Echos GM patch at the beginning of it.

    16.mid started with some soft synth bass 1 and sawtooth wave parts doing some arpeggio stuff, building up until a drum pattern cracks and the thing goes into a sort of electro/breakbeat thing while retaining the trancy-stuff. The patches I remember it using were synth bass 1 and 2, polysynth pad, halo pad, electro kit and the analog/TR-808 kit, and synth strings.

    Any ideas? They're all sort of techno/electronica in style. Or any ideas as to who the artist is?

    1. YukiRaven


      Well, I can now say that the artist is Jeff Lawson, and that the other two tracks I was thinking of were The Crystal City and Elemental. But, I'm still looking for the Synthetic Protocol one. Google's not helping me with this.

    2. Ralphis