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  1. Rant warning!

    My computer science class is really crappy this time around. The class would be great if it weren't for our incompetent teacher.

    The class has corrected the notes she places on the board daily, as well correcting what she says. She never did teach us anything about circuitry, but we got tested on it. And one time, I was supposed to meet her outside of class to make up a test, which was something we had agreed to. I reminded her the very day I was meeting her and she forgot that we had agreed to (not to mention my name, although I've told her about 4 times now). When I met her at the time we were supposed to, she never showed up as she forgot again on the very same day not an hour later.

    And half the time, she contradicts what she says. Just like today, we had the following (equivalent of a very simple C-style if statement):

    She first said that "je L1" means, "go to L1 if eax and op2 are equal, otherwise go to L1". When we asked for clarification on this, noticing they both went to L1, she first said that it was correct. "Are you sure?" we asked. She then said that she was sure, as one goes to L1 and one goes to L2, changing her response without a beat.

    See, we're supposed to be covering assembly language in the class. However, I can't get her own example code to work in the assembler she says it's made for and wants us to use (masm). Well, it assembles, but won't link.

    I've gone and talked to the dean about her already, and got all but one student in our class (5 people total) to write complaint letters to him. So he's doing something about her, but we still have to put up with crap like this.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that she told me that Linux couldn't do assembly languages because it was too high-level.