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  1. I had somehow completely forgotten that I uploaded this track recently. I finished this one a few weeks ago, making it my latest finished song. This will change soon, however, as another one is in the works (which if you know me well isn't surprising...I've not stopped since I first started).

    Anyways, more about the track. The title is "On Another Day". What makes this track interesting is that it is the second track I completed using Reason 2.5 that's worth mentioning (I completed three others while I was in Japan, but...they sucked). Structure-wise, it can be divided into four main sections. After the intro, section one kicks in after a buildup and introduces the main melody. This gets faded into section two, where I introduce a second lead synth. Soon, however, a variation on the first section's synth/melody (this time changed from a hoover to an Arp-style synth) is introduced. Following this, the original synth for this is re-introduced in another slight variation. Section three comes in and shows a somewhat cliche breakdown. However, I tried to keep it short since I'm not as fond of these anymore, and during re-build-up I have a variation synth and variation main melody come in. Finally, section four comes in where I reprise part of section two before going on to the outro. Overall, I'd say this is a club mix of a dark/hard trance song. Though not as hard as you'd think.

    Synthwise...it mainly focuses on the use of hoovers (see http://www.di.fm/edmguide/edmguide.html for a sample of a "hoover" sound, as well as an explanation below). Throught the song, however, I use a few others, such as an ARP and some customized Subtractor patches (yes, this was made in Reason 2.5). In fact, almost all of the synths in there are Subtractors, with maybe one being a Malstrom (the "whoomp" bass). But, each synth has like two parametric EQs, two delay lines, a unison, and a reverb unit on it as well (with the delays, unison, and reverb being patched through the main mixer's EFX send/receive ports). Then I think I probably have a few others on some. Somewhere I also threw in a Scream 4 Audio Distruction Unit (distortion, for one synth lead)...

    What I also did was sample my DR-202 drum machine to create the drum lines. These are being used on the Dr. whatever module that Reason has (I normally using HATE drum loops, but this time I made my own, so...). The loops were modified and edited in ReCycle. Then the extra TR-9090 high hats were sampled and ran through a ReDrum module.

    So, without further ado, the file:

    What is a "hoover"?

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    2. YukiRaven


      And now my responses (since I seem to have a different taste for electronica ;) ):

      Numbermind said:

      Kick Drum: 1/5
      Holy shit, where did you find this? Did it just happen to be the only patch you didn't use yet? It doesn't reach down at all; it just kind of plops right in the middle of my woofer and wears it out. You choice of kick drum is like loose vagina.

      I chose that one to get away from a standard TR-909. On both my subwoofer systems (read: stereo system and car), it's deep and bassy while still not overpowering. Also sounds good in studio headphones and on other speakers, imo.

      Other Drums: 3/5
      Good, in spite of the fact that the kick drowns them out. Put them a bit higher in the mix, fill in their sound a bit better with the EQ, add more breaks and it should be fine.

      They don't drown out in mine...in fact, some are overtaking the mix. So I don't know what you're hearing.

      Chords: 3/5
      In Trance, the key is to have a really good chord progression. You've limited yourself to a 2-chord progression-- much less than the standard 4 or even a melody-based one. The common opinion is that you can't go wrong with a diminished 6th, so this should be par.

      I've since been spending more time away from the 4-chord ones because I felt they were over-used. Most of the best chord progressions in trance/techno that I've found are more minimal (look at Asencion's "Someone" which has two, "Greece 2000" which has two, or alot of the actual Techno genre). EDIT: also look at Astral Projection's "Mahadeva" or most other Goa trance.

      Overall: 2.75/5
      Have you tried composing outside of Reason or Fruity Loops? Like, make a song without a sequencer and record live. Do you have a piano? (I refrain from saying "acoustic piano") It'd only help.

      I only recently starting using Reason, actually, and never have used Fruity Loops. For the most part, I dislike software synths. Up to this point, I've used Cakewalk in conjunction with my two midi keyboards. So yes, I've done it live and for quite a long time.

      But to each his own :)

    3. Use


      Hmm well, It sounds alot like a random Apop song, I don't think the kicker overpowering either, but I did find the track very predictable, like 99.9% of Trance music in general. If that's what you're going for you succeeded.

    4. YukiRaven


      Use3D said:

      Hmm well, It sounds alot like a random Apop song, I don't think the kicker overpowering either, but I did find the track very predictable, like 99.9% of Trance music in general. If that's what you're going for you succeeded.

      Given that I only recently aquired Reason and am still learning the ins and outs of it, you're right, that is what I was going for. I'm hoping that by practicing with such songs that I can eventually work my way up to more experimental things. One in particular I'm wishing to explore is something along the lines of Detroit Techno.