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  1. School's out for the summer for me finally. This last quarter sort of felt like a waste of time. My Japanese class went way too slowly for me, and somehow I signed up for a class called "Software Tools" which ended up being a "How To Use UNIX" class, which was even slower feeling than my Japanese class.

    But, after 3 years of studying, I now have a minor in Japanese. So this sort of makes up for it all. I would have gotten a major in it, but my school doesn't offer one. And then after next year, I'll have my first degree.

    And this took me like 10 minutes to type since I switched my keyboard to Dvorak, so I'm ending this one here.

    1. Kelzam


      I find it kinda funny how everyone else is just getting out for the summer and I'm just about to begin.

    2. AndrewB


      The two most unpopular people in my class used Dvorak keyboard. And guess what, I'm not one of those two. Three out of the graduating 32 used it. And now you're going crazy. I wonder where this movement is coming from.