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  1. Yeah, I turn 22 today. I've got plans to go see a movie (don't know which one yet) this afternoon with my mom, as well as go around blasting "Ride of The Valkyries" at extremely high volumes in my car with my nice sound system.

    The weekend alone was awesome. I got a new laptop on Saturday (not a birthday present, I ordered it), which should make it so that I can work on Doom, programming, and my music more often. Which means that SLE should get finished soon, as well as my new album and Todo-Lister 2.0... Specs:

    -P4 3.2gHz LGA775 w/HyperThreading and 800mHz FSB
    -1gb DDR2 PC4200 RAM (I can put it up to 2gb, I think)
    -80gb HD with a second 40gb one (I could RAID them if I wanted, or switch them out for larger ones...I may do that with the 40gb one and put a 100gb one in, which was from my old laptop anyways)
    -GeForce 7800 GTX Go 256mb
    -1900x1200 ClearView screen w/built-in camera
    -Two soundcards: a Realtek one and a SB Audigy2
    -DVD/CD-RW combo drive (didn't want a DVD burner)
    -Other nifty things in it

    I've already tried running Linux on it, which was on the 40gb HD from my old laptop. Stupid me, however, forgot to recompile my kernel to adjust for my hardware (I've transfered the HD from computer to computer before, I know it can be done). The result is that I can get to LILO, but can't mount my root partition. Reason? My laptop uses a Promise SATA 378 controller for its HDs, and I never compiled the driver into the kernel. The kernels on the Slackware 10.2 CD don't seem to want to recognize it, either. I guess I have to play around with this some...at least I can access the drive (ext3 FS) with full read/write capabilities from Windows for the time being...

    So yeah, my birthday weekend is shaping up quite nice. I'm wondering what I got as presents...

    EDIT: Got my presents. Overall, I made out well:

    -Trauma Center: Under the Knife for DS (awesome game)
    -Dogora on DVD (old Toho movie)
    -March of The Penguins on DVD
    -New shirt and a new turtlekneck
    -Remmington beard and moustache trimmer
    -Homemade enchiladas.
    -$25 (which will go towards four new Infinity speakers for my car)