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  1. Well, I finished off the final amount of material for my new album tonight. This next one is called "SEPL: Sequence Evaluate Play Loop" (props to the first person who figures out where that came from), and is the first one that's going to be under my new name, Partition 36.

    It's a bit of a change from my previous two albums. Rather than being all about trance/techno, I've started to experiment a bit with merging different styles. There are still some blatant epic trance tracks [that I feel guilty about], but some of them are different. Some of them show a slight industrial touch to them, while one has some influence from the Klaus Schulze album "The Dark Side of The Moog V." The final two tracks were a big experiment I did to merge gothic/orchestral sounds with trance. The two songs are seamless in an effort to depict just how similar the two kinds of music are. Then there are a few tracks thrown in which are geared more towards a rock/synth hyrbid or even video game music. In the end, while this isn't as strong as my previous one, it does have a certain flair to it and is showing progression.

    Like I said, all the material, but some of the tracks still need some tweaks in the sound quality department. Three in particular sound fairly muddy or lacking of expression, at least in my car. But it's also the three that I've spent the least amount of time working with on my studio monitors. As soon as I have everything sounding like I want it to, I'll have it uploaded on my website. This will probably be on the 3rd.

    Track listing:

    1. Dark Caverns
    2. Energy
    3. Trance Portal (Partition 36 Remix)
    4. Oceanic Breeze
    5. Sky High
    6. Logic Gate
    7. Perpetual Life
    8. SEPL
    9. Light Through the Waves
    10. Synthony #2 - Part 1
    11. Synthony #2 - Part 2
    Dark Caverns is actually from the Doom project SLE.