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  1. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I've finished a new album. However, it's finally been uploaded to my website. It's just over 65 minutes long, and contains eleven tracks. On the website, it's available in two different ways: You can download the entire thing in a zip file from the Downloads page, or you can download individual tracks from the discography page.

    Now that this one's finished, I think the next thing I'll be doing is re-recording/re-mastering all of my old material from when I first started writing music. It'll take a while (there are six or seven CDs to do), but it'll be worth it to archive everything in FLAC files.

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    2. YukiRaven


      It's partially trance. As for hardware, I didn't use any synths per se, just software synths. Mostly Reason with a ton of custom-made instrument patches, though track 4 was done using Cubase. The VSTi plugins I used were Pro-53, Battery 2, and Moog Modular V.

      My website lists all of my equipment on the Equipment page.

    3. Csonicgo


      wow, I like your previous work, this aughta be even better. :D

    4. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      Very nice I was listening to your entire album while I was doing some work on my CC3 map.
      I really enjoyed the tracks ill will going to downgrab your previous work as well.