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  1. I'm finding that the pinky finger on my left hand is starting to become quite sore in general, sometimes more so than others, and also physically tired. It always feels like I need to pop or stretch it, but doing so only makes it worse. I'm pretty convinced that it's because I'm editing a lot more code and text these days (in other words, I think I'm getting Emacs Pinky).

    I would look into a more ergonomic keyboard, but I'm usually in my laptop, and the places I use it at makes it difficult to take a keyboard around with me. So instead I'm going to look into making the capslock key act the same as the Ctrl key.

    Probably doesn't help that I even write my email in Emacs these days. Stupid operating system...

    1. Kyka


      Two questions that I would ask straight off. These may be totally unrelated to your situation. If so, disregard the rest of this. (You probably know all this already, but sometimes it bears repeating.)

      1) How is your circulation?
      2)How is your posture?

      Almost certainly, these are not direct causes, but they can often be contributing causes, enough so that if you fix these, often your hands, with more bloodflow and less pressure on the nerves running to them, will be able to better cope with the stresses you were mentioning. Often to the point of the problem disappearing entirely.

      Failing that, a couple of suggestions.
      1)Posture: Be aware of your posture...try to remember to sit up straight (Thank you Captain Obvious). Coz when you do that, it takes a lot of the pressure off the nerves running down to your hands, which means they fire off better/more often which means more muscle cells are activated, which means less strain on the muscles as a whole, which adds up to less micro-scar tissue etc etc.
      2)Bloodflow. (This did wonders for me) Every day, run a sink full of water as hot as you can stand it. Stick your arms in up to the elbows, and massage all the muscles in your hands, wrists and forearms. When you are using your hands a lot, it can actually be the muscles in your forearms that are the problem, they can build up scar tissue, which restricts bloodflow down to your hands.

      I'm no doctor, but I have had problems similar to this. Don't know if this will be any use to you, but perhaps it will.

      Hope you can resolve the problem quickly. :)