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  1. After a little over two years, I'm finally releasing a new album, called (incf partition-36).

    This one is different from the last one in that I completely changed what I use to write music. Rather than solely using Reason 3, I've since switched to using SONAR 6/7, a bunch of software synthesizers, and my two hardware synths (and old Roland JV-1010 and a PolyEvolver Keyboard). Overall I think it came out sounding a bit more diverse and richer than my previous efforts. There's not nearly as much techno/trance on this one (really, just three songs), and I've experimented with a couple of short "interlude" pieces. I think that, in the end, my favorite tracks are numbers 1, 5/6 , and 7.

    If you have a car with subwoofers in it, you'll likely enjoy numbers 7 and 10 the most, btw.

    So yeah, individual mp3 files can be downloaded from the link below. There are also two links to zip files, one containing the entire album in mp3 format, and the other containing it in FLAC format. The album's shoddy attempt at artwork is also there.



    1. Kyka



      Just listened to the first track, Alien Planet. some really nice ambient keyboard work there. Only thing I wasn't sold on was the drums sounded a little too artificial, But nice work. Some really interesting chord changes throughout, and nice highs and lows.

      Would actually make a nice Doom midi file for a level.
      Will listen to some more soon.