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  1. I decided to try writing a slightly different style of tune. This one is more downtempo than my other ones, and is sort of inspired by Boards of Canada. What's interesting is that I wrote it and mastered it in less than 24 hours. Whether that was smart or dumb is another question.

    Linux users might enjoy this more than others...

    http://www.partition36.com/music-files/ep/opcode-1/06%20-%20I%20Love%20Penguins.mp3 (or get an Ogg Vorbis here)

    EDIT: Actually, I've released the EP that this track shows up on: http://www.partition36.com//2009/07/06/new-ep-release-opcode-1.html

    1. Khorus


      Nice track. Though, the samples didn't do much for me. :P

    2. YukiRaven


      Khorus said:

      Nice track. Though, the samples didn't do much for me. :P

      Thanks. They probably did more for me because I'm such a Linux fanatic :-P

      And now to switch to a different style...

    3. YukiRaven


      Actually, I released a whole new EP tonight. The song is on there: http://www.partition36.com//2009/07/06/new-ep-release-opcode-1.html