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  1. Well, technically 115, since 10 of them have been up before.

    So it's been 10 years since I first started writing music (9.5 years since I finished the first album). Partition 36 has been around since late 2006, but I had never posted anything I did from before (save for one album). So I decided to have some fun and create a Back Catalog page, where all 122 tracks from before Partition 36 are posted. They can be downloaded individually in mp3 or Ogg Vorbis format (I should have zip files of whole albums in mp3 format up by the end of tonight), or listened to in the browser. If you have Firefox 3.5, it'll even use the nifty new <audio> tag (Flash otherwise).

    "But wait!" you say. "You said you released 125 songs! Where are the other three?"

    Near the beginning of the month I also finished a few remixes of I Love Penguins. One is a simple vocal-less mix, which just lacks the voice samples. Then I also did the following two:

    I really like the Electro Mix myself.

    On the technical side of things, both the Dirty Mix and the Electro Mix use the new synthesizer I got last month, a Clavia Nord Rack 2x. So far I really like the thing, though it isn't as fat sounding as my Poly Evolver, which surprised me. Been great for leads and pads, though.

    1. Danarchy


      I thought you meant you released 125 songs in a month and I thought. "Holy crap, I think he's going to beat Psychic TV's record! (They released like 13 albums in as many months and got into Guinness because of it).

    2. Technician


      Good job. I think I'll give a few a listen.