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  1. YukiRaven

    The big fat thread of what phone do or did you have!

    I have a Note 8 right now and am quite happy with it. My previous phone was a Nexus 6 and I was even more happy with it. The best phone I've ever had, however, was the Nexus One.
  2. Umbra of Fate's length meant that testing it was absolute hell. I had my tricks and shortcuts, which helped, but it was still tedious and annoying. What I ended up doing was dividing it up into four sections, then playing through each one and averaging what I ended with. Then I'd move the player start thing to the next section and call a script in the console to give me the previously averaged values. It worked, but it was still a lot of work. Also annoying was how I had to turn down GZDB's visual settings just to work on it without too much slowdown. Yay for 12,022 sectors and 6975 things (mostly point lights). I think I halved the view distance by the end. The main PK3 was also over 100mb at one point before I culled unused textures, which meant that it took a long time to load and save (I keep everything on a networked drive, so there's some latency). Also in UoF, I ran into an odd bug where if a section of the map (specifically the difficulty selection area) was too far away from the rest of the map, the switch textures wouldn't cycle. That took me forever to figure out, and I only did after I changed the textures being used. The area with the yellow skull key in UoF was also hell to build. It's a partial port of my Quake level, Temple of Azathoth, specifically the gold key area, and getting all the 3D geometry to work without using portals (they aren't used once in UoF) was tiring. None of them were perfectly lined up. But, it's one of my most favorite areas in the map, so it was worth it. Actually a few areas are either ported form my Quake map or otherwise use a lot of 3D floors, all of which got a bit tedious in one way or another. Speaking of the gold key area in Temple of Azathoth, I was trying to get a section to trigger using a boolean circuit built with the standard entities. I know this is possible, but after two days of trying to get it to work and failing, I abandoned it and entirely changed that part of the map. The first map of SoTNR has that hallway at the very beginning that silently teleports the player to give the illusion that the world somehow changed around them. Getting all of those textures aligned exactly the same was HELL and I remember aligning them right up until a few days before release. SoTNR map 2 was originally going to take place entirely underwater, as if the temple was at the bottom of the sea (think SOMA, but a temple instead of a base). But I never could get the skybox to look correct, so I scrapped that idea. This is one theme I still really want to do in a Doom/Quake map. The 3d model that you see in the skybox and the seaweed sprites are the only bits that are leftover from this.
  3. YukiRaven

    So, what kind of music do you guys like?

    NIN isn't too bad, but I rarely listen to them. I'm pretty sure the Id people were fans as well since Trent Reznor helped out on Quake and the NIN logo appears in both Doom and Quake. I forgot to mention KMFDM and Suicide Commando. I love them both <3
  4. YukiRaven

    So, what kind of music do you guys like?

    As far as genres go, my favorites are industrial, gothic rock, and trance. But I also listen to a lot of old video game music. Favorite bands: Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Clan of Xymox, Kraftwerk, KMFDM, Alstroemeria Records Albums: lol too many
  5. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    A good example of why I also said, "Unless you have a good reason (rugs, spilled liquids, etc)..." ;)
  6. YukiRaven

    your favourite game, with a twist

    That was for the "No lead protagonists" one. Figured a self-made player character didn't count :-P
  7. YukiRaven

    your favourite game, with a twist

    These probably change a bit with the passage of time: - Does World of Warcraft count? - Dance Dance Revolution - Assuming that games with space ships have human pilots unless otherwise stated... Ms. Pac-Man? - Like, where you get in-game money? World of Warcraft. - Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. There's a segment with a titan. - That's most of my favorite games for me - Space Hulk board game
  8. YukiRaven

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    Laurel *click*
  9. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    huh, guess I just never noticed what all is involved. I always draw three sectors, two 24-wide ones for the frame and one 16-wide one for the door itself. Then It's just a matter of assigning the linedefs type 12 (or 11) and hitting tab/up-down/space a few times. The rest I do in 3D mode. I could just be very used to it after doing it for so many years, though (since '95).
  10. It always kind of bothered me that some older shmups don't have any sound for when your own weapon fires. Dead Moon on the PC Engine is one example. Duke 3D's pistol and shotgun were always kind of silly to me. The pistol was more like a box on a handle that made a weak sound, while the shotgun sounded ok but the animation always seemed a bit jerky.
  11. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Just curious, why do you think it's tedious?
  12. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Unless you have a good reason (rugs, spilled liquids, etc), don't change floor/ceiling/wall textures without changing something else as well. Change the height/depth or something so that you have a visible seam there. Or use an actual seam-like texture at the transition point. Otherwise it looks funky and rushed. Here's a super quick example. This is in Quake because I don't have access to GZDB right now, but the same applies to Doom. Bad - two different textures without any changes in height: Good (changed height to create a visual seam): Good (same height, but this has a texture that looks like it's for a seam):