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  1. YukiRaven

    Do You Like Doom 3?

    I absolutely love it. It'd place it 2nd or 3rd on my favorite Doom titles, either tied with Doom 2 or just under it.
  2. YukiRaven

    Share Your Jokes

    So a Mexican, an American, and a Chinese man are in a boat... Suddenly the rowboat starts taking in water. The three men theorize there is too much mass on the boat, and realize they have to get rid of some of their cargo, particularly something they have too much of in their country. The chinese man throws overboard 12 crates full of cheap, broken merchandise made in China. However, the boat continues sinking. The mexican man then throws 12 crates of automobile and farming equipment overboard. Regardless, the boat continues to sink. The American then grabs the Mexican; He asks the Mexican, who is now very startled, what he can throw overboard. The men agree to drop the decommissioned 747 jet engine they have laying in their rowboat, which considerably lowers the weight of the boat. It didn't matter though , as the boat was sinking because there was a hole in the side, not because there was too much mass. The boat slowly went down, and the water rose, until the men were nearly underwater. Luckily, they were only rowing in a lake, which due to the recent drought, was only three feet deep. They got out, walked to shore, and lived happily ever after. The three executives congratulate each other on finding such an effective, irresponsible way to dispose of their corporate waste. https://www.reddit.com/r/AntiAntiJokes/
  3. YukiRaven

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.1 (6 Aug 2018)

    I've released an updated version of Umbra of Fate. Check the original post for info and download links! The biggest change is that the boss fights now have new (optional) mechanics to make them feel less chewy/grindy. There's also a few options that might help it run better on older machines in some places.
  4. None, really. I try to see all my maps through to the very end and adjust them where they need adjusting.
  5. YukiRaven

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    @Liberation ooo I love that game. I have it on Saturn, though. It's atmosphere has been a big influence on me, I think. Speaking of Jaguar, I still have one of those. The games I have for it are Alien vs Predator, Checkered Flag, Tempest 2000, Doom, Kasumi Ninja, Cybermorph, Flashback, and I think a few others. EDIT: Oh yeah, the DOS version of Space Hulk as well. And the D-Rok album that came out around the same time.
  6. YukiRaven

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    I have a copy of the PC game XS. Then there's my copy of Faselei! on my NeoGeo Pocket Color. And the NeoGeo Pocket Color in general, I guess. I also have a King of Fighters game for it, and Super Real Mahjong. I have a copy of The Last Blade for NeoGeo, despite not having a NeoGeo anymore. I keep it in the hopes I'll have the system again someday. And of course a bunch of odd 2600 and 7800 games from my childhood, along with some TI-99/4a games.
  7. YukiRaven

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    The 3DO version had really cool music, imo. It's a really fun alternate take on the original music. And Suspense! I always forget about that track. It's so creepy and dark I just love it, probably as much other two I already mentioned. Every once in a while I like to listen to my own remix of it. It's one of those songs where it's like, "I did that?" for me.
  8. YukiRaven

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Definitely a tie between these two.
  9. YukiRaven

    Doom girl HUD

    Nice, I've wanted a nice one like this since the 90s
  10. YukiRaven

    Most recent movie you saw

    That was the first anime I saw that I consciously knew was anime. It's still a favorite.
  11. YukiRaven

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A mostly done room.
  12. YukiRaven

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I think my favorite weather is a gentle but steady snow.
  13. YukiRaven

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.1 (6 Aug 2018)

    I guess I forgot to answer this lol There's always my Shadows of The Nightmare Realm. It and some of my other levels are here. There's Soundless Mound as well, which I tried recently and really liked.