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  1. YukiRaven

    Best Intermission Text You've Read/Written

    Doesn't even tell his mom he loves her...
  2. YukiRaven

    How important is it to test maps with mods?

    It depends on the goal of the project, I'd say. If it's something that you intend or expect to be used with mods, then certainly. If it's something you're open to allowing, but isn't a major goal, then maybe? Maybe just test Brutal Doom and similar with it? Or if you're like me, where everything I've made was done specifically without mods in mind, then there's absolutely no reason to test them. Then again, even if you design it for use without mods, in the end, someone is going to skip the readme and try to use a mod anyway. Without fail.
  3. YukiRaven

    Whats your favorite animes

    @haruko haruhara yeah I love the original ^_^ I also like Bubblegum Crash and AD Police, though I don't rewatch those as often. I haven't seen the 2040 version of Bubblegum Crisis, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to.
  4. YukiRaven

    Whats your favorite animes

    In no real order... The Bubblegum Crisis Oreimo Date A Live Onegai Teacher Serial Experiments Lain Evangelion RahXephon Akira Otaku no Video The two Vampire Hunter D movies Code Geass Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon Kiss x Sis Ergo Proxy
  5. YukiRaven

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    The more I read things here, the more it makes me think like this: 10 Level Designers or Less vs 10 Mappers or Fewer
  6. YukiRaven

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    On the Quake Discords I'm in, I see "mapper" much more often, if not exclusively. On Quake websites, I see "mapper" used interchangeably with "level designer" (though usually the former), and sometimes "author".
  7. YukiRaven

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    I'm kinda opposite. "Level designer" sounds pretentious unless you're splitting up duties between those that design the gameplay, detail things, apply lighting... If that was the case then yeah, level designer for the person who blocks out the map and sets up gameplay flow. Then environmental artist for the person who details and lights the map. But for nearly every other situation, I'd go with "mapper" to avoid sounding pretentious. Or even just "modder."
  8. YukiRaven

    Have you ever had a crush on a videogame character?

    *looks at her Sakuya Izayoi avatar with lovey eyes*
  9. YukiRaven

    dos game era

    Basically my childhood until middle school. So yeah, around 96 is when it started to fade. I dunno if I'd go too far back into the 80s, though. The early DOS games felt more novel since the platform was more business-oriented at the start. EDIT: oh yeah, I'd say my favorite games from then are Quake (I could only play it in DOS for a long time), Doom, Rise of The Triad, Descent, and Wolfenstein 3D.
  10. I know Umbra of Fate certainly has faster projectiles on hell nights, barons, and (on medium and hard) the cultists. These were put in because I enjoy them more, and UoF (as stated in the readme and on the release post) was specifically designed around the type of gameplay I specifically enjoy. The faster projectiles were also in place to exercise my reaction time a bit more, and to enforce memorization, kinda like old 8-bit games. Freaky Panties also sped up projectiles, but only if you were doing well. If you weren't, it started slowing them down a bit, even below Doom's original speed. In my testing with my wife (who enjoys Doom, but is definitely not very skilled player), the projectile speed definitely made a difference. So yeah. Sorry, but I have no plans to slow down my projectiles. Also, what's Valiant?
  11. YukiRaven

    Websites you go to, but not very often

    Phoronix and HardOCP immediately spring to mind.
  12. Sakuya Izayoi figure New purse Mazinger Z figure to put together, like a gunpla Slippers Bath bombs and body lotion A lace choker Gothic looking jewelry hanger that is shaped like a skeleton's hand Takoyaki (γŸγ“η„Όγ) pan and picks Ice cube tray that makes ice cubes shaped like skulls $200, which I've since spent on some Steam and Vita games Plus some very minor things, like snacks
  13. YukiRaven

    Most recent movie you saw

    Yeah, it's out here in the US.
  14. YukiRaven

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.2 (8 Nov 2018)

    @Trar Use this link for now until I get that fixed. And be sure to check the readme, and don't use any other mods ^_^ https://mega.nz/#!x9VgAA5T!aJ7K2AXWK461kQYi_fpf_sbosHyxEuwqM_crt9qcVLw
  15. Umbra of Fate is finally done and released (and updated)! The download links are at the bottom of this post. Quick Overview: Singleplayer only GZDoom 3.4.x or higher and Doom2.wad You must include brightmaps.pk3 and lights.pk3, both of which come with GZDoom dmflags/dmflags2 are both expected to be set to 0 Mouselook is required. I also suggest binding Swim Up to a key (I personally used F during testing). The hardware renderer is required, and the following must be enabled: dynamic lights, high resolution texture, and 3d models Enabling bloom is encouraged, but not necessary. Shadowmaps (gl_light_shadowmap) can be used as well, but there's some visual artifacts in some places with them enabled since it wasn't designed with them in mind. No jumping/crouching Additional mods are not supported . This include mods that may not seem like they would break it, like Beautiful Doom. Designed for a widescreen resolution (16:9, 16:10, etc) of at least 1280x720 Make sure you enable music Like my last mapset, Shadows of The Nightmare Realm, the premise is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. The story takes place many years before Doom 1, and revolves around a man (NOT the Doomguy) who is on vacation and is out enjoying a day of hunting while his wife and infant son are at home. After a long and boring day, he starts walking back to his car, only to discover a ravine that wasn't there before. Feeling an unusually strong urge to find out what lurks beyond the ravine, he jumps down into it and heads out into the dark, foggy forest night. The rest of the story is told in the level itself through additional (skippable) text. Umbra of Fate an experimental map, where I tried to push the type of gameplay that I personally enjoy to the limit rather than trying to include something for everyone. So expect an emphasis on dark, spooky areas; intense colored lighting; an emphasis on fights with a smaller number of tough enemies; a mix of Quake, Doom 64, and Doom 3 inspired map design; and interesting boss fights. It's also one giant level, conceptually split into four areas that are roughly equal to one level each. Difficulty settings can be adjusted in the level itself right at the beginning. The music is all done by me, and is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. If you'd like, you can grab the soundtrack from my website: https://www.partition36.com/discography/umbra-of-fate/ Obligatory screenshots are behind the spoiler*: Download Links: My website: http://alexa.partition36.com/files/doom/uof.zip (40MB, SHA1: bec8887bb9213e2bd6458e5cad139bd5b4798a9b) v1.2 Changes (8 November 2018) v1.2 fixes an issue with the QWarp.fp shader that prevented Umbra of Fate from loading on newer GZDoom versions. v1.1 Changes (6 August 2018) v1.1 adds some new options for boss mechanics and performance tuning. The biggest change is that the bosses should now feel a lot less "chewy" and "grindy". Check out the Umbra of Fate Options menu for all the new options. Full changelog for v1.1: * Yeah I know about the misaligned skull textures in the screenshots. Those were already fixed :-P
  16. YukiRaven

    What's your taste for the graphics/art style?

    Oh god, I love the look of vector graphics, whether it's old ones like Tempest or Asteroids, or new games like TxK. Them glowy polygons are just so damn sexy.
  17. YukiRaven

    What's your taste for the graphics/art style?

    I love dark, brooding, gothic looking games. Quake is damn near perfect for me, as are most 40K games. The way the colors can pop in this style is just.... <3 The dark sci-fi look is also one I really like, especially if it has that dirty 80s sci-fi look like in Alien Isolation, or mixes it with a gothic style. As far as settings go, I hate motion blur, upscale filters, and depth of field. I disable these immediately. The rest I don't really care about either way. Except for texture filtering, which I greatly prefer to have enabled. The only time I don't mind pixelated graphics is when I'm playing 16-bit and earlier generation console/arcade games. Otherwise, GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR and 16x anisotropic filtering pls.
  18. YukiRaven

    What gifts are you buying for Christmas?

    I got my wife her first dakimakura, my mom a jacket and a necklace, my grandma a letter opener and a calendar, my father-in-law knee pads he wanted, my mother-in-law some body lotion stuff, and I got myself a Vita game.
  19. YukiRaven

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Spooktober Community Project
  20. YukiRaven

    Quake Source Port CD Music

    If you're on a non-Windows platform, make sure all the filenames and directories are lowercase.
  21. YukiRaven

    Quake Source Port CD Music

    I'd stay completely away from Darkplaces anymore. Friends don't let friends use Darkplaces. Use Quakespasm or vkQuake for the most mod/level compatibility, or if you really want those few bits of extra eyecandy, go with FTE Quake. The music files should be placed like Master O mentioned above.
  22. YukiRaven

    Pimp your best map/megawad

    A tough call between this and SoTNR, but I like how this one turned out more.