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  1. They aren't static, either.
  2. x86 is the instruction set. It's been expanded upon continuously since it first appeared in the late 1970s. Things like x86-64, MMX, 3Dnow!, the virtualization-related stuff, SSE, AVX, etc. are all expansions to x86. It also works well for what it's used for. m68k, ARM, POWER, MIPS, SuperH, Sparc... they've all been around for a while as well, but are still used. To ditch an instruction set just because it's supposedly "old" is crazy.
  3. lol what. Like, actual individual instructions? Or instruction sets? Also, for the record and as an example, ARMv8.1 had new instructions added to it a few years ago, if I'm not mistaken. Some SIMD-related ones. Also check out this list of x86 instructions and when they got added.
  4. Usually after I write/type the date two or three times. So... I dunno, maybe a week or two after New Years Day?
  5. Pretty much what RightField already linked. CPU clock speed doesn't really translate into a useful performance metric. Another thing to consider is the average number of instructions a CPU can execute in a single clock cycle. A CPU at 10 MHz may be able to do just a single instruction per cycle, but another 10 MHz CPU may be able to do two or three instructions per cycle. Or for a more real world example, an Intel Pentium 4 EE at 3.2GHz does something like an average of 3 instructions per clock cycle, while an Intel Core i5 7300U at 2.6 GHz is almost 21 instructions per cycle. So in your opinion, why is it shitty?
  6. I love ducks <3 My mom has mallards come and hang out in her pool every year. Also: https://twitter.com/Ducks_Daily
  7. I hate musicals. The two exceptions are Repo!: The Genetic Opera and sorta Nightmare Before Christmas. Related to that, despite the fact that I don't particularly enjoy watching it, I have quite a few Nightmare Before Christmas-themed clothes. This includes socks, a long coat, a dress (two, I think), and some other things. Now if I could only find the dresses Blind Mag and Shilo wore in Repo....
  8. Me too. Related to that, because of Doom mapping, I've gotten really good at counting by 8 and recognizing numbers that are divisible by 8.
  9. Ultimate Doom, Doom 64, and Doom 3 are my absolute favorites. Doom 2 is pretty not bad. Final Doom is pretty meh to me. I like TNT slightly more, though. Doom 2016 is garbage, and I wish I never played it.
  10. Cool! I just learned Pascal last year, so it's cool to see another Doom port written in it.
  11. I got a 3ds not long ago, so I've been playing Starfox 64 3D, some dungeon crawler that is reminiscent of Eye of The Beholder, and some Mega Man-esque games. Next month I might get a Kirby game for it that I remember playing and really liking... (Triple Deluxe I think?).
  12. A friend of mine actually did this video, heh.
  13. As you might have guessed from the occasional screenshot or mention, I've been working on a new Doom project called "Umbra of Fate". It's something of a personal experiment where I try to push the type of gameplay I enjoy to the limit. This will be for GZDoom and doom2.wad. The story follows a marine who is away on leave and visiting his pregnant wife off in their countryside home. During a walk in the woods one night, he noticed a strange temple off in the distance that he never saw before. At first he dismisses it and continues walking, but finds that he is unable to take his mind off of it. He simply must investigate it further. So, he unslings the shotgun he took with him (for protection; he lives in quite a rural area), jumps down into a small ravine, and starts his journey... You'll start out by exploring the outer temple area. From there you'll go underground into a hellish crypt before again returning to the surface. The final area will then have you traveling into the inner sanctum of the mysterious temple. Unlike Shadows of The Nightmare Realm, UoF will feature just one map conceptually split into roughly three areas, each around the size of one of my normal Doom maps. If you played my older Extreme Terror map, you'll immediately know what I mean. However, UoF is larger. Right now, the unfinished map takes me about an hour and a half to complete on UV. Like SoTNR, there's an emphasis on dark, spooky areas, except this time I take it a lot further. Basically I wanted to see just how far I could push the idea of exclusively using intensely colored point lights in a Doom map. Gameplay wise, UoF is based more around slower fights with smaller numbers of tougher monsters, fewer "rude" traps, and some interesting boss fights that should surprise you a bit. Some of the stock monsters were tweaked slightly, partially so that fewer of them needed to be used, and partially so that they would be more deadly. There's also some new ones as well. Overall, the project is about 70-75% done. I've already gathered the textures and resources I want to use, so that's out of the way. The music (again composed by me) is 50% done. So, with any luck, this will be out in about 2-3 months. Obligatory screenshots!
  14. I'm back on an anime kick, I think.
  15. Shadows of The Nightmare Realm (SoTNR) is finally done! Download links are at the bottom. Some quick basic info: This is for GZDoom, and has been tested with 2.4 and 3.0. Anything older might not work. Doom2.wad for the IWAD, singleplayer only No jumping, no crouching You'll need to include brightmaps.pk3 and lights.pk3, both of which come with GZDoom Mouselook is required Be sure the following are enabled: dynamic lights, high resolution textures, 3d models (don't worry, only used for scenery in two places) The premise is Lovecraft-inspired, but not part of any of Lovecraft's universes. The story takes place not long after Doom 2, where Hell was defeated by the Doomguy. What no one knew was that there was a far greater and nigh inconceivable evil lurking beyond our realm: the Elder Gods. They saw how Hell had failed and felt it was now their time to succeed. They knew of the Doomguy's strength, and so decided to attack him in the one place he's vulnerable: in his nightmares. Thus, SoTNR takes place within the dreams of the Doomguy, each one manipulated by the Elder Gods. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, with Doom-style exploration and combat. One difference is that your inventory is cleared and your health reset at the start of each map. After all, each one takes place in a separate dream :-P There are six total maps: three main levels, one secret level, one boss level, and a Quake-style start map. The music is all new and is done by me. If you'd like, you can grab the soundtrack from my website: https://www.partition36.com/discography/shadows-of-the-nightmare-realm/ Screenshots: Download links: http://alexa.partition36.com/files/doom/sotnr.zip https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/sotnr You can also listen to the soundtrack on YouTube:
  16. Exactly what Bauul said. Each level technically takes place in a dream that's being manipulated by the Elder Gods, so things don't always happen like they should. The effect is implemented with a silent teleport and some very carefully aligned textures.
  17. It is not a sequel ;^)
  18. @MK-ULTRA Those boots are badass
  19. These days I use GZDoom Builder-Bugfix since I mainly target GZDoom. I also use SLADE3 to manage my wad and pk3 resources, GIMP if I need to edit graphics, Goldwave to edit sounds, Renoise to compose music, and good ol' GNU Emacs if I need to do any sort of text editing. PNGOUT and advzip are what I use to optimize the compression of things like pk3 and png files. All of these choices are pretty much just personal preference.