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  1. What are you listening to?

    edit: rofl I just realized this video was posted by @Major Arlene
  2. I don't, either! But I wouldn't mind learning a little since I'm part Welsh.
  3. Probably the four languages I can speak well enough to hold a conversation to some degree: English (first language), Japanese (minor in college), Spanish (spoken at home growing up), and Esperanto (Always wanted to learn). Also Russian (Союз нерушимый республик свободных) and Welsh.
  4. Share a random fact about yourself

    I have a pair similar to those as well! Mine are a bit more industrial looking is all. These, however, are my favorite pair <3 I'd echo what @Nine Inch Heels said and order online or ask a friend. There's nothing wrong with this ^_^ I don't see why wearing women's clothing would necessarily make you not-straight, btw :-P
  5. Will Id Tech 5 ever be released under GNU?

    I'm not sure, but I definitely hope it'll get released under GPLv3 or something similar.
  6. What exactly makes Doom mapping so appealing?

    I think part of it is that the Doom engine and its related tools are "good enough" for many first-person mapping ideas, especially when it comes to source ports. Not that it's mediocre - not in the slightest. It's just that it gets the job done well enough to hold its position.
  7. The final testing of UoF is going well.  I'm nearly done testing the ultra-violence difficulty, and thankfully the other two aren't that hard to balance once UV is done.


    I'm finding some pretty amusing bugs, though.  Like a monster that was stuck in-between an invisible 3d ceiling (to keep them from flying to high) and other world geometry, causing them to float in mid air and do nothing.  Or forgetting to disable a switch, letting me spawn giant groups of monsters as quickly as I can flip it.  Or forgetting to have anything happen after defeating the final boss.


    All small bugs that are easy to fix.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels


      Or forgetting to disable a switch, letting me spawn giant groups of monsters as quickly as I can flip it.

      Actually, could you leave that in? ;-)

    2. YukiRaven


      ROFL how did I know you'd say that...


      Actually... I'll put in a CVar just for you.  Set uof_nih to 1 and find the switch.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      What can I say? I like to try ridiculous stuff at times. ;-)

  8. What are you listening to?

  9. What are you listening to?

    Undead undead undead
  10. (Changed Topic) Should More Doom Engine Games Come To Console?

    I'm not sure if those are the first FPS games that were exclusive to a console or not. They were just titles I'm familiar with, so they were off the top of my head. Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar, released in 1994, is another FPS game only on consoles. If we go for other games that include FPS segments but aren't specifically of that genre, then there's always Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System (1987), That Friday the 13th game on NES (1989), Mobile Suit Z Gundam: Hot Scramble (NES, 1986)... I probably missed some.
  11. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    There was another thread related to Doomer generations last year, and some of those posts touched on what it meant to be in a particular generation. I started playing Doom in MS-DOS in 1994, and mapping soon after that, so I'm firmly a first-gen Doomer.
  12. (Changed Topic) Should More Doom Engine Games Come To Console?

    Umm... ever play Zero Tolerance on the Sega Genesis? From 1994? Or Bloodshot from that same year?
  13. [WIP] Umbra of Fate

    Cool! Let me know when you do.
  14. [WIP] Umbra of Fate

    As you might have guessed from the occasional screenshot or mention, I've been working on a new Doom project called "Umbra of Fate". It's something of a personal experiment where I try to push the type of gameplay I enjoy to the limit. This will be for GZDoom and doom2.wad. The story follows a marine who is away on leave and visiting his pregnant wife off in their countryside home. During a walk in the woods one night, he noticed a strange temple off in the distance that he never saw before. At first he dismisses it and continues walking, but finds that he is unable to take his mind off of it. He simply must investigate it further. So, he unslings the shotgun he took with him (for protection; he lives in quite a rural area), jumps down into a small ravine, and starts his journey... You'll start out by exploring the outer temple area. From there you'll go underground into a hellish crypt before again returning to the surface. The final area will then have you traveling into the inner sanctum of the mysterious temple. Unlike Shadows of The Nightmare Realm, UoF will feature just one map conceptually split into roughly three areas, each around the size of one of my normal Doom maps. If you played my older Extreme Terror map, you'll immediately know what I mean. However, UoF is larger. Right now, the unfinished map takes me about an hour and a half to complete on UV. Like SoTNR, there's an emphasis on dark, spooky areas, except this time I take it a lot further. Basically I wanted to see just how far I could push the idea of exclusively using intensely colored point lights in a Doom map. Gameplay wise, UoF is based more around slower fights with smaller numbers of tougher monsters, fewer "rude" traps, and some interesting boss fights that should surprise you a bit. Some of the stock monsters were tweaked slightly, partially so that fewer of them needed to be used, and partially so that they would be more deadly. There's also some new ones as well. Overall, the project is about 70-75% done. I've already gathered the textures and resources I want to use, so that's out of the way. The music (again composed by me) is 50% done. So, with any luck, this will be out in about 2-3 months. Obligatory screenshots!
  15. Umbra of Fate is one very long level, but it's conceptually divided up into four areas, sorta like Extreme Terror was.  In order to test a level this large, what I do is I play through each section three times, recording my health/ammo/armor/# of deaths/time at the end of each run.  Then I take the average, move the player start to the beginning of the next area, then adjust what I start with in an ACS script.  I then repeat this for every difficulty except ITYTD and Nightmare.  It's a bit tedious, but it seems to work fairly well.  It's what I did for SoTNR as well, except I didn't have to adjust the numbers after each level since each one was a pistol/shotgun start.


    Anyway, these are some interesting numbers from my Ultra-Violence playtesting of UoF tonight:



    Area 1

    Average number of deaths for only this area: About 9

    Average time: About 17 minutes

    Average inventory at end of area:

    • Health: 91
    • Armor: 19
    • Shells 28
    • Bullets: 92
    • Rockets: 0
    • Cells: 40


    Area 2

    Average number of deaths for only this area: about 19

    Average time: About 24 minutes

    Average inventory at end of area:

    • Health: 74
    • Armor: 49
    • Shells 47
    • Bullets: 87
    • Rockets: 30
    • Cells: 124


    I don't have stats for areas 3 or 4 yet since I didn't test them tonight.  I'll do those sometime tomorrow.


    Something new I added in UoF was a short script that takes health/ammo/armor numbers every 20 seconds and averages them together over time.  These numbers can be reset as-needed, which helps me judge individual fights and rooms a bit better.


    Ugh I hate playtesting levels >_<



    Bonus image:



    Bonus image 2:



    1. MrDeAD1313


      That screenshot is amazing. The colors!!!

  16. What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    I like metal, but I don't listen to it very often these days. The exceptions are KMFDM and 3TEETH, which are more industrial metal. In fact if we include industrial metal, then those two are at the top of my list by a mile. But generally, gothic rock/darkwave and electro-industrial is really where it's at for me anymore. As far as heavy metal and other metal-ish sounding bands, this is generally what I like: Judas Priest Iron Maiden Melt-Banana Moi dix Mois Metallica Zeromancer Ministry Black Sabbath Dio Gamma Ray Helloween Liquid Tension Experiment Loudness Manowar Megaherz Molly Hatchet Disturbed Pantera Paul Gilbert Queensryche Racer X Rammstein Rob Zombie Saxon Scorpions Slayer Stratovarius Tool Type O Negative Evanescence Nightwish Within Temptation Epica Kamelot
  17. [WIP] Umbra of Fate

    Just a quick update... UoF is now in beta - time for lots of playtesting! The release date is May 1st.
  18. Share a random fact about yourself

    This is pretty much me. I've tried so many different medications that I'm about out of options. Thankfully very few have had negative side effects on me. My anxiety also manifests slightly differently in that I don't have the ringing in my ears and the fatigue isn't quite chronic, but I do have self-harm issues, and can easily get triggered by sudden loud sounds. My depression also comes with "psychotic features", to quote my therapist's diagnosis, since I see things that aren't there and hear (friendly and helpful) voices. So yeah, you aren't alone, for what it's worth!
  19. Post a picture of yourself!

    Sometimes I think about procrastinating, but them am like, "Eh, I can do that later."
  20. What's your Opinion on Linux?

    I'd honestly be surprised if this place wasn't hosted on Linux.