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  1. Draza_Jr

    doom contests

    Well could be.. I have made my most shitty demo ever in this contest. I wonder why I went to push the plasma button all the time....must have been drunk :/ Still I guess, that taking the yellow key immediately will save you a lot of precious time and you must spare your only bfg for the crowded room near the end. Should be very difficult but the effort should be worth it :) Any suggestions?
  2. Draza_Jr

    doom contests

    Hey there guys, I´d like to inform you, that me and Twister have agreed to add some more rules to our contests: 1) packed demos must involve a text file, which will contain info about the version and port used for recording. We will tolerate missing text file, when competing in Flash contest. Demos recorded for Weekly contest must contain the text file, otherwise they´ll be excluded. The text file template will be available for downloading in the right column under the "Aktuální contest" section. 2) When finishing a level, you must have at least 1% of health. Though the fastest demos from the last contest were really awesome, we believe these rules will improve the quality of the upcoming contest demos. Thank you for participating and we´re already looking forward to more stuff from you guys :) Draza
  3. Draza_Jr

    doom contests

    Thanks for your ideas. I went through some contest objectives in the link, that you posted and it is a really good idea. I suggest that if we stated, that you must collect the yellow key in the vv2.wad, we would avoid turning the weekly contest into a fastest suicide exit contest. I´ll surely discuss this with Twister and I guess we´ll make some improvements for the next round. If any of you guys would like to compete for fun in the vv2.wad, do some recording in the ordinary way, as Hokis and Twister did (I tried some attempts too, but it is still too slow) Cheers
  4. Draza_Jr

    doom contests

    Hi guys, finally I found some time to register here :) Me and Twister are planning to improve some things about Idoom contest, so it will be more suitable for foreign players. There will be minor changes in rules and we will try to translate most of the content for you. We will also be happy, if anyone can suggest few good wads, so we can look at some of them and pick some maps for the upcoming contests. Thanks for your help and we are looking forward to getting more great demos from you guys. Any ideas for new improvements are welcomed :)