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  1. King Mustard

    Using Brutal Doom with Final DOOM from Gog.com?

    I extracted GZDoom and placed Plutonia.wad, TNT.wad and bd21test-jan02.pk3 into the same directory. When I launch gzdoom.exe, I get the following: Dragging bd21test-jan02.pk3 into this window does nothing. Any ideas?
  2. I've placed bd21test-jan02.pk3 in the Final DOOM directory but now I'm a little lost.
  3. Is this correct?: Doom - 10,898 KB Doom 2 - 14,263 KB Ultimate Doom - 12,118 KB I am unsure how large the Final Doom WAD is. Then again, I think Final Doom is basically the other three games' WADs.