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  1. Kar98k from medal of honor allied assault multiplayer
  2. To this day I still dont know what quake2 chaingun guy is yelling. Sounds like: UZAAA! I speak fluent strogg.
  3. Just finished Fallout 4, MgsV and Shovel Knight. Next maybe panzer dragoon games in a row. Acquired all of them on christmas holiday, even the hard to find panzer dragoon saga
  4. Nope, money lost :). Plain human doctor. Didn't even consider becoming a dentist because of number of reasons.
  5. I'm a medical doctor
  6. Noice, gotta try this on my freetime
  7. Cleric, I like summoning all cleansing ghosts
  8. Dune, No Mans Land and Jurassic Park 3
  9. Collecting these miniatures is fun, I haven't collected these for couple years now, but I got most of them as painted, loose and boxed condition. Funny story: Reaper miniatures contacted me personally and asked my help to track down potential buyers for propainted sets. As a gift Reaper miniatures sended me original blisters with sculptor signatures. I also managed to track down original cyberdemon prototype miniature from ex Id software employee. Those are rarest collectible doom miniatures. I also got cyberdemon and spidermastermind resin figures I won on ebay couple years ago. I have never seen similar auctions since.
  10. Laughed my ass off after this trailer when I realised nothing was changed, was waiting for comparison video side by side featuring original and remaster
  11. Strife in all its 3d glory
  12. I remember they located their office somewhere else, it was their 90's address
  13. What is function of that old Id software office nowadays, that black glass cube building
  14. Cool, I want retail copy of this
  15. Yes, just thought of system shock 2 yesterday. I'm big fan of ss1 and ss2