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  1. Waffenak

    Skill Guns

    Kar98k from medal of honor allied assault multiplayer
  2. Waffenak

    Which one looks uglier? Quake or Quake 2?

    To this day I still dont know what quake2 chaingun guy is yelling. Sounds like: UZAAA! I speak fluent strogg.
  3. Waffenak

    what game (besides doom) are you playing?

    Just finished Fallout 4, MgsV and Shovel Knight. Next maybe panzer dragoon games in a row. Acquired all of them on christmas holiday, even the hard to find panzer dragoon saga
  4. Waffenak


    Nope, money lost :). Plain human doctor. Didn't even consider becoming a dentist because of number of reasons.
  5. Waffenak


    I'm a medical doctor
  6. Waffenak

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    Noice, gotta try this on my freetime
  7. Waffenak

    Which character do you use in Hexen?

    Cleric, I like summoning all cleansing ghosts
  8. Waffenak

    Movies you enjoyed, but nobody else did?

    Dune, No Mans Land and Jurassic Park 3
  9. Waffenak

    Doom Reaper Miniatures

    Collecting these miniatures is fun, I haven't collected these for couple years now, but I got most of them as painted, loose and boxed condition. Funny story: Reaper miniatures contacted me personally and asked my help to track down potential buyers for propainted sets. As a gift Reaper miniatures sended me original blisters with sculptor signatures. I also managed to track down original cyberdemon prototype miniature from ex Id software employee. Those are rarest collectible doom miniatures. I also got cyberdemon and spidermastermind resin figures I won on ebay couple years ago. I have never seen similar auctions since.
  10. Waffenak

    Turok HD Remaster out tomorrow

    Laughed my ass off after this trailer when I realised nothing was changed, was waiting for comparison video side by side featuring original and remaster
  11. Strife in all its 3d glory
  12. Waffenak

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    I remember they located their office somewhere else, it was their 90's address
  13. Waffenak

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    What is function of that old Id software office nowadays, that black glass cube building
  14. Waffenak

    Official footage of Id Software's SMB3 DOS port

    Cool, I want retail copy of this
  15. Waffenak

    System Shock 3 Confirmed

    Yes, just thought of system shock 2 yesterday. I'm big fan of ss1 and ss2