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  1. 22Alpha22

    Doom Builder Facebook Page

    Hi everyone, I noticed that Doom Builder did not have a Facebook page. Not that it really needs one, but I thought it would be nice to have one, so I took the liberty of creating one. I hope no one minds. It will contain any new news when there is any and other information. Any one who uses Doom Builder and has a Facebook account, I would appreciate your likes. I edited the Doom Builder logo and put it on the page. I also put the screenshots on the page. If anyone involved in their creation does not want them used in this way, just post in this thread and I will remove them. If anyone is interested in helping out with the page, just PM me with how you would like to help and your name on Facebook and I will friend you and setup you up as an admin. Doom Builder Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Doom-Builder/103495109724833?v=wall
  2. 22Alpha22

    Quake 2 Model Legality

    Would it be legal to use the standard Quake 2 models in a GZdoom project? I would like to use them because they are good looking and already in MD2 format.
  3. 22Alpha22

    GZdoom Very Fatal Error

    The latest SVN build does work, thanks.
  4. 22Alpha22

    GZdoom Very Fatal Error

    GZdoom displayed the very fatal error screen after I changed video mode to OpenGL. I had been running it in the software renderer, and changed it to OpenGL. I restarted GZdoom and it got past the startup screen, but as soon as it got to the Doom title screen it went to the GZdoom very fatal error screen. This happened on my new Dell XPS 7100 with AMD Vision Premium graphics running Windows 7. OpenGL mode works on my older computer running XP. My new computer runs other OpenGL and hardware accelerated games. Any ideas whats wromg and how to make it work?
  5. 22Alpha22

    Trying to customize my doom experience

    You can rip casings, splshes, and footsteps from KDiZD.
  6. 22Alpha22

    Disable Saves [Zdoom]

    What I wanted was the game to save specific auto save points, but not the player to be able to save whenever they want. I don't want pistol starts.
  7. 22Alpha22

    Crosshair to Weapon

    How could I assign a cross hair to an individual weapon? I want to have a different crosshair for each weapon in my wad. [Zdoom]
  8. 22Alpha22

    Disable Saves [Zdoom]

    I recently saw save PDA at realm667 and thought it would be cool if people had to collect them in order to save.
  9. 22Alpha22

    Disable Saves [Zdoom]

    In Zdoom, is there a way to disable saves, so the games only saves at specific auto-save points?
  10. 22Alpha22


    Nem's Terrain generator is not for Zdoom and wont work. It can however make height maps and they can be used in ZTerrain.
  11. 22Alpha22


    Thanks for the tutorial, it helped a lot. :)
  12. 22Alpha22


    Zterrain is a command line program that takes a height map ad coverts it into a zdoom wad. I want to know how to use zterrain.
  13. 22Alpha22


    I recently discovered ZTerrain and looks awesome, but I can't figure out to use. I checked the Zdoom forums, but it was not very much help. If anyone could give me an example of how to use, I would appreciate it.
  14. 22Alpha22

    Ambient Sounds, Decals, & Sprites

    That would be cool if such sprites were made. I just relized anyway, that looking all the way down and up is not possible with Zdoom anyway. Maybe I should try GZdoom again, that way I would not need sprites, I could use models. Does anyone know how to convert the Descent models into MD3 or MD4 format?
  15. 22Alpha22

    Ambient Sounds, Decals, & Sprites

    Thanks all questions answered, though that was not quite what I had in mind about the sprites. It appears that Zdoom does not support it anyway and I am not too fond of GZdoom. Example: The player is a hovercraft, like descent. He is coming down though a passage in the ceiling, and sees a robot below him. I wanted to be able to a sprite displays the robot as if looking down on it. But this is not possible.