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  1. An interview with the id developers about the Switch version was posted a few days ago. And the release date is confirmed for November 10th. I got a Switch earlier this year at launch but never thought it'd be getting a port of the new Doom. Really looking forward to checking it out!
  2. Sad to hear about this. For the longest time ZDoom has been my go-to source port. As least we still have GZDoom though. Thanks for all your long and hard work Randi, and good luck with your future projects!
  3. Just recently I fully noticed that the two tan-colored spots on the back of a Cacodemon turn blue when it's spitting a lightning ball.
  4. Hot damn... This is an awesome map! Feels fresh yet familiar at the same time. Sure it's kinda difficult, but this is top-notch level design and almost feels like a return to form in some way. Romero makes us his bitch once again. Can't wait to see what he cooks up next!
  5. Best of luck getting the site on a new host, Doomworld ain't finished yet. I also would like to see an upgrade to a newer vBulletin version while we're at it, what we have now still works but the software is really showing it's age. Even if it's not the latest vBulletin, bumping the software up a few versions would still be great.
  6. Been wanting to ask this for a while and since I guess this is an appropriate thread, could we have support added for the Tapatalk app? I've been using it for a few other forums I go to, but Doomworld's forums aren't too mobile friendly these days. Not sure how much work you'd need but I think adding Tapatalk support would be great for visiting the forums on the go.
  7. MST3K is awesome! I discovered the show just a couple years ago but I've become a huge "MSTie" since then, it's my all-time favorite show now. I'm a little bit partial to Joel myself, but Mike is great too! And I love Crow T. Robot as well. My fave episode has to be a tie between Pod People and Cave Dwellers, perfect 80s cheese in both of them. And hey this is a Doom board so I may as well share this thing I found that turns the Cyberdemon into a giant Tom Servo. But I guess it's a "patch" from the pre-WAD days or something, so I made a .wad file of it here if anyone wants it: By the way I hear Mike Nelson was a big fan of Doom back in the day, and he even hosted a deathmatch tournament at the 2nd official MST3K convention.
  8. Just tried the Doom port out for myself on my Wii, works great! Though I kind of liked the Wiimote + numchuck control setup like that other Wii port had, the classic controller does good too. Couple issues I noticed though: The sound channels seem to be reversed for me, for example I'll hear a monster sound coming from the right speaker when it should be coming from the left. Also the display looks a little windowboxed with small black borders all around. Is it possible you can make it so that it fills the entire screen? Anyhow, nice job with the port and keep up the good work!
  9. How about we do a vote? Maybe we could add a poll to the thread on which Lost Soul should be used and/or what edits should be done to it, and go from there.
  10. Sweet! Some of these things I've already seen inside the alphas, but the new stuff is really cool. The pile of meat and sky texture are especially awesome. Also happy to see the missing sprite angles finally show up!
  11. Same here. I got chills toward the end of that trailer, but I'm not sure just how good this is going to be. id/Bethesda have a LOT to live up to. I'm not sure I'll even be able to run the new Doom game but I hope it's at least good. At least.
  12. This is really interesting, many of them sound more "uplifting" this way. I especially like how D_READ_M turned out, even if it sounds kind of cheesy.
  13. Like I said, it's going to be the first, so yeah.
  14. Just want to let you guys know, Romero and his wife are gonna be showing up at Salt Lake Comic-Con in September, the first one in Utah. If anyone else here is in Utah, you should check it out. I'm definitely going.
  15. Oh sweet, I'd totally like this included myself, especially since it doesn't change that much. And Revenant100, I figured those were custom from the looks of it, though the other ones you linked do look better. Also if you really want to know if the missing player sprites still exist, perhaps you could try to contact "the Two Johns" themselves and see if they know anything. Maybe they don't know either, but it could be worth a shot.