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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah not surprised if you're not interested in adding that, but I guess I could just use the edit for myself.
  2. So this is another thing I picked up recently on the status bar face and tried making a fix. It seems to me that the STFST0 & STFST1 Doomguy faces are rather inconsistent in regards to his "puffy eyes" where there's a little pink underneath. In those first two health statuses they'll blink in and out like so: However I tried adjusting the pink pixels so they're only on the STFST1 faces, since they would seem to show exhaustion in his face if he was losing health, and IMHO it looks more appropriate & fitting. Perhaps the puffy eyes were intended to be just for the second status, but was eventually forgotten about during production of the graphics? I'll admit this is something that could be a bit more subjective, but I wanted to at least bring it up for consideration. Anyway, here's all the graphics I made for these statuses with the fixed puffy eyes, which also includes my previous bloody nose fix and a couple other minor fixes: PuffyEyesFix.zip
  3. Was just thinking about this post from last year, and I thought I'd take a crack at adding the pixels for the nose bleed myself. Whatcha think? Feel free to use these in the mod if it works for you! BloodyNose.zip
  4. Bonege! That'll work, thanks.
  5. Yes it's Esperanto, like Gez correctly guessed. I actually helped out with the translation for that language too. A replacement sprite lump would certainly be appreciated. Hmm yeah, maybe this is worth a shot? Sounds like a GAMEINFO lump could work.
  6. Oh yeah, there's another thing I wanted to request: Would you be able to add compatibility with GZDoom's internationalization feature? It's something that was added to GZDoom last year so Doom can have extensive support for other languages besides English. Problem is, the text fixes in this mod seem to conflict with the translations; it's most noticeable on the difficulty screen where the "Hey not too rough" fix is visible when it shouldn't be English text, as shown here for example: Maybe you could add flags or something so that the text fixes aren't used by GZDoom when it's not set to English?
  7. Something I've considered since I made my post is that it may have been for a certain effect? Just a theory but it could be that when the player first goes from 200%-80% health to 79%-60%, showing the first pain state without the nosebleed and then the normal status with it, it might have been made to look like a "slow bleed" from the nose during that state switch. That might be an interesting effect to add a touch more realism I suppose, however this of course is a problem with consistency as the player is still likely to get hurt or fire continuously while in 79%-60% health and the nosebleed will keep flickering in and out during that health state. So perhaps it may have been done for an interesting, if subtle, effect here, but yeah, IMHO I still think it'd be a fair trade-off whatever the case, and having the nosebleed be there continually would both look better and be more in line with the mechanics of the rest of the face graphics.
  8. Here's something I don't think was brought up before: The STFST1 status bar faces are supposed to give Doomguy a bloody nose and ruffled hair, however I just noticed that the STFTL10, STFTR10, & STFKILL1 faces (bottom 3) don't have a bloody nose and I guess id forgot to add it to them. I think it'd be good if you added some red pixels to these faces so that the nosebleed is consistent in this set.
  9. Looks like this is the first public beta release. But once it's more stable, do you have any plans to add more features/enhancements/compatibility like those in other modern level editors, e.g. Doom Builder?
  10. I was wondering when someone would try porting DoomEd to modern systems, awesome! "DoomEd the way id did" project anyone?
  11. Triple_sSs

    Favorite avant-garde doom wad?

    ARCHIE remains one of the most bizarre wads I've played.
  12. Triple_sSs

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Just saw the movie for myself. Yeah, I'd say it was rather decent for a B-movie! I wouldn't call it good exactly, but I wasn't bored either. Seemed pretty faithful to the original games and they at least tried their best with the budget they had. Probably won't watch it again anytime soon, but I'd still say I was reasonably entertained for an hour and a half. Wonder if Romero himself will see it soon too and share his thoughts...
  13. Triple_sSs

    DOOM Retro v5.3 (updated March 3, 2024)

    Guess I'll try this here: Do you think you could try implementing "fake 3D" Y-shearing perspective correction for mouselook like DelphiDoom does? https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1972483 I suggested this feature for Crispy Doom back in March, but fabian didn't seem sure how to add it. Think this is something you could take a crack at, though?
  14. Bumping because they've announced the actors for Romero and Carmack. They look like good choices imo!
  15. Triple_sSs

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Been meaning to post in here for a while but kept forgetting to, but anyhow: I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while now, and I still don't get why so many folks have been up in arms about it. I've always believed the original Doom backstory was a B-movie type thing at best, plus as my current avatar might indicate, I'm a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so I'm no stranger to watching & enjoying cheesy movies. This movie looks like the kind of schlock I live for, and to have it based on one of my all time favorite games is just a big bonus. Can't wait to see it when I get my copy next week!