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Joe Doom

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  1. Joe Doom

    Best Death

    The chaingun guy. When you kill him you blow off top of his head and he falls to the ground. The mancubus and the cacodemon follow closely, though.
  2. Joe Doom

    Those Tissue Box Moments

    The end of About Shmidt with that picture the orphan kid drew...I really don't know why it made me bawl. But Jack Nicholson was crying too so it was cool...
  3. Joe Doom

    cd or no cd

    No, my brother and me are splitting the cost of doom 3 and I'd just like to know if we could play it on different computers at the same time(as in playing on a LAN) with the same copy.
  4. Joe Doom

    cd or no cd

    Does Doom 3 require a cd in the drive to be played or can it be played without a cd in the drive? If one is required, is there a no-cd hack that could be found somewhere?
  5. Joe Doom

    Why Live in the US When...

    It would be COMPLETELY insane to move to another part of the country...What makes you think that only americans are materialistic? There is going to be 'money hungry jerk-offs' everywhere so you might as well get used to it.
  6. Joe Doom


    Heh. My birthday is November 6. wonder why there's almost alway more people born in November...
  7. Joe Doom

    Just a comment regarding flashlight

    The Gamespy article said that when Willits came across a monster, he screwed up (or did he?) and selected the flashlight and smacked a monster in the head with it and killed the monster. That's one hell of a Maglight.
  8. Joe Doom

    what do you drive?

    I drive a '92 Nissan SE V6 pickup. It is red and has a grey trim around the bottom. it is an automatic(i think it was one of the first automatic Nissans). I bought a sony cd player and some 6x9 sony speakers. I usually listen to the radio but if it isnt picking up I will put on some tool or old skool metallica.
  9. Joe Doom

    Wittiest games ever made?

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the Fallout series! They all have so much wit and humor that it is just wonderful. From Fallut Tactics: Bartender: HEY YOU! GET OUTTA MY BAR BEFORE I RIP YOUR FUCKING LUNGS OUT AND SLAP YOUR MOTHER WITH EM! *you show him your gun* Bartender: *soils self* uh...sorry. You know I was just kiddin right?Right? (0h, I just saw Danarchist's post)
  10. Joe Doom

    What is your favorite Horror movie?

    Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Jack Nicholson is a scary fella.the scene where it looks like the dude in the monster costume is giving that guy a bj just creeps me out.
  11. Joe Doom

    HELP!! I'm scared seriously

    Just touch every component while the computer is running and which ever one that burns you the worst is producing the smell. Duh!:P
  12. Joe Doom

    sexual morality

    Hell, go ahead and do her. You only live once, right?
  13. Joe Doom

    Is this justifiable?

    That place is one of the sickest things i ever read about. The manager is obviosly mentally ill and I don't see how this bullshit could ever help anyone. These people are ALL LESS THAN TWENTY YEARS OLD! Prison would actually be better for those poor people than going to this godawful shithole of a 'camp'
  14. Joe Doom

    What's going on with everyone?

    I've been having to deal wiht temperatures around 97 degrees. You people don't know hot...
  15. Joe Doom

    Best Comedian

    Gabriel Iglasias is damn funny, and he can do some pretty funny stuff with his voice (talk like a little girl, imitate sounds like roller costers and , of course, godzilla.