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  1. Wow. Lots of things to say here. First of all, you're right. Architecture IS plain, the flashlight IS primitive and EDGE ISN'T a popular engine. Now if I wanted realistic lightning, advanced architecture and a popular engine, I'd have worked with the Quake 3 engine (or maybe even the Doom 3 one). But cutting-edge graphics and level layout is not the point of this mod. Why do you think I spent WEEKS designing my own level editor when Doombuilder, the greatest piece of code ever written for Doom, is just a click away? Yes, the layout is simple, because that's the point. I want to go back to the roots of first-person shooters: door, monster, medikit. I'm not saying advanced architecture is a bad thing, I know I drool over the incredibly detailed maps new games have. What I'm saying is that gameplay and monster/item placement is what mappers should focus on (particularly when mapping for old games such as Doom), not architecture. And with my editor, anyone without any experience in mapping can create an interesting map with lots of stuff that would require scripting in other editors (dynamic texture change, triggers for ambience sounds and monster spawning, just to name a few) in less than an hour. Now why EDGE? Because EDGE allows a lot of things that other sourceports don't. And not all levels are so dark. I'll post a new video soon to demonstrate this (the game has gone a looonng way since the last videos).
  2. Honestly, it's not better than Doom 3 visually. It's way uglier... Gameplay-wise, that's another story. If you like mass-murdering imps, you're gonna be happy. And some areas are very scary too. I'm trying to merge the best from Doom 1/2 (intense arcade action) and 3 (great atmosphere), but that's not an easy task. Here's the archvile. I think it looks terrible, but it's not done yet.
  3. Don't count on it. Monster infighting means "more angles for attack/pain for ALL monsters". The monster sprites are pretty high-res and adding that many new frames would make the download a lot bigger. More importantly, that would greatly increase the amount of video RAM required to precache all sprites. Sure! As the editor will probably need lots of fixes and improvements, I'd like to have as many bughunters as possible. :)
  4. Of course I can do it that way, but then the player would have to keep the "secondary attack" button pressed to keep the flashlight on. I would like to have a "toggle" button. The only way of doing this in EDGE (as far as I know), is to have the secondary attack call a RTS script which toggles a "flashlight on/off" boolean (stored as an invisible ammo type in the player's inventory). Then, if/when the flashlight is on, a "spare attack" would be called (that would fire the flashlight beam from the player with the correct angle) through RTS scripts by each frame of the weapon. Sounds possible, but it's gonna be a big, ugly, disgusting hack... Anyway, that's how I did the night vision goggles. :)
  5. I know about the pistols recoil, it's a design choice. Although I like weapons to behave realistically in tactical shooters such as Raven Shield, I like them to have an over the top behavior in arcade shooters. As someone said in a videogames forum (I don't remember who, when or where it was) : "I can't feel the power of the gun in my hand, so I want to feel it in my eyes and my ears.". But you're not the first to tell me that the recoil, even if it is supposed to be exaggerated, is exaggerated too much, so I guess I'll tone it down a little. :) Regarding the demon and baron, they're not fully done yet, that's why they look bad. The only monster complete as of gameplay video #2 is the imp (even though I still have to add the blood on the death frames). Thanks for your comments. While I'm here, here are renders of the revenant and the heavy weapon dude (which looks more like his Doom 3 counterpart than the original)
  6. A public beta will be released in a few weeks, maybe before.
  7. That's a good idea. I don't know if I will be able to implement this in EDGE, though. Worth a try... Actually, the chainsaw slash attack is a great idea! I'll implement this tomorrow. I don't know about the other two: IMHO, they seem too similar to the original (primary) attack. For the pistol/dual pistols, I thought about a faster but less accurate attack with the marine holding the gun(s) sideways (something a bit like this). I'm doing my best to get a beta version ready as soon as possible. Thanks again for your comments and suggestions!
  8. Thanks, I need all the feedback I can get. It can be tricky to create such an ambitious mod when english is not your native tongue. :p I've just uploaded a new video (probably the last one until the public beta is released). Please, everyone, tell me what you love/like/dislike/hate ! (By the way, the chainsaw is not done yet, I know it looks bad)
  9. I think it is "picked up an used pistol" (from a dead zombieman). I'll check that. Not all levels will be so dark, don't worry. But the overall brightness level WILL be lower than vanilla Doom's. That's because no matter how high-resolution sprites and textures are, they still look like crap in fullbright because of doom's engine "flat" lighting. When they're lit (almost) only by soft dynamic lights, however, they begin to look really good. And yes, thanks for your work. I can't wait for your textures... Don't worry: as soon as I have a stable build of the editor (the current one keeps throwing "stack overflow" exceptions when creating large sectors, probably because of my crappy recursive functions), I'll drop a post in this thread.
  10. I've just uploaded the first gameplay video of Doomed Again. Now you can get a better idea of what the game looks like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5A39CQyFwg
  11. Here you are! Five brand new screenshots.
  12. Agar

    Any decybered Mancubus out there?

    Outstanding work! It's even scarier than the original version. Agreed.
  13. You're so right... As the first video was really crappy and didn't do justice to the project, I don't want to post a new one right now. I'll soon have enough textures/sprites complete to create a nice little teaser (and a handful of screenshots). It should be ready by the end of the week. In the meantime, if you want to contribute to the project, I'm looking for someone to create a nice "Doomed Again" logo. Don't hesitate to PM me if you're interested.
  14. I wasn't reacting to your posts. I know you're a sensible person and the advice you gave me so far has proven really helpful. I was reacting to this: Threatening me to mail ID because somebody else (not even me!) has mouthed off was, politely said, not a very nice thing to do. Regarding what you said, I think you're right: from a legal point of view, creating any kind of remake and/or extension to the original Doom is walking on thin ice. My point is: - I don't get any money out of this. - There already are remakes of the original levels (Phobos Revisted, anyone ?) and, unlike most of these remakes, my maps DO NOT contain a single sector from the original levels. - There already are high-quality remakes of some of the game graphics (such as the hi-res textures/HUD packs). So I think I should be ok (as long as the game requires a registered IWAD to run, as you reminded me). But you're right, you can never be sure. So I guess I'll just wait and see...
  15. Hey, I didn't say anything! Sure... :) Hey! I'm busting my a** recreating all sprites from scratch. I guess if ID can sue me, PWAD authors who use variations of the IWAD sprites (that's 99% of them) can be sued too: according to the EULA, what they do is waaayyy more illegal than what I do (assuming ID gives a crap about a 15 years old game, of course).